Buccal Fat Removal for Women

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Buccal fat removal for women is an ideal solution for too-full cheeks that create an overall impression of chubbiness. This procedure can contour the cheeks and refine the cheekbones to give a woman a sleeker and more elegant appearance. Dr. Akshay Sanan and his skilled team regularly perform buccal fat removal for women in Beverly Hills.

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What Is Buccal Fat Removal for Women?

The buccal fat pad can be found in the hollow cheek area. This fat can create an overly full appearance in the cheeks. For women who want to lose that baby fat and show off their beautiful cheekbones, cosmetic surgery is an effective option.

Buccal fat extraction is a way to surgically remove excess fat from the buccal fat pad, reducing the volume of the region. This has the effect of improving the overall appearance of the face by creating more of a balance in the features.

Right for you?

Am I a Good Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal for Women?

Women who want to surgically reduce the full or chubby appearance of their cheeks are good candidates for buccal fat removal. Women who choose this surgery shouldn’t already have gaunt cheeks, since altering the buccal fat pad in such cases can make a patient look older than they actually are.

The best candidates for female buccal fat removal are physically healthy and are not overweight. Ideal candidates are non-smokers. Smoking negatively affects the health of the skin, resulting in complications from surgery and a prolonged recovery process. Smokers must quit until after all recovery is complete.

Procedure Details

Buccal Fat Removal for Women: What to Expect

Before the procedure is performed, a consultation with Dr. Sanan is essential. He will evaluate the patient’s suitability for the procedure based on their overall health, their facial structure, and potential issues like allergies and pre-existing conditions. He will also discuss the details of the procedure with the patient, who will be able to ask questions and bring up concerns.

Based on the information gathered during this consultation, Dr. Sanan can clear the patient for buccal fat pad removal, create a surgical plan, and set a date for the surgery.

Before Surgery

Before the surgery, certain medications that could cause bleeding must no longer be taken. These include NSAIDs. Certain supplements can also result in bleeding issues during or after surgery and must be avoided before the procedure. Additionally, patients must quit smoking several weeks before the procedure.


At the start of the surgery, anesthesia is administered. Depending on the evaluation of the patient, either general anesthesia or a combination of local anesthesia and sedation will be chosen. This will allow the patient to be fully comfortable for the entirety of the buccal fat removal process.


Once the anesthetic takes effect, the procedure starts with a tiny incision in the inner part of the cheek. The buccal fat pad is exposed through pressure on the outer cheek, and fat is removed from the pad. Usually, the entire buccal fat pad is not removed – only some of the fat is taken out. Once this is complete, the incisions are then sutured closed.

Procedure Details

How Long Do the Results Last?

Buccal fat removal for women is a permanent procedure, and its contouring benefits will remain for years to come. When fat is extracted, it cannot return. However, in the case where fat cells remain, general weight gain may cause these cells to enlarge.

The Dr. Emer Difference

How Does Dr. Emer Do Buccal Fat Removal for Women Differently?

Board-certified dermatologist and facial sculpting expert Dr. Jason Emer has achieved a high degree of skill in subtly yet effectively enhancing female facial structure. When planning a female buccal fat removal procedure, Dr. Emer works with Dr. Sanan to determine the ideal adjustments to the fat pad for each patient’s unique facial structure.

Recovery and Healing

post-surgical care

Once buccal fat pad surgery is complete, the patient will return home to rest and recover. During the recovery process, it will be vital to follow Dr. Emer’s post-surgical care directions as closely as possible. This minimizes the chance of complications and helps to avoid a prolonged recovery period.


Often, patients are ready to go back to work and their daily activities the day after the procedure. It will take a few weeks for healing to be complete. During this period, regular follow-up visits will be needed. Sutures will typically be removed after three to four days.

Medication & PaiN

Medicines and mouth rinses will be prescribed to prevent any kind of infection. Minor pain may be present for two to three days. Painkillers may be prescribed, but they will rarely be required. Tenderness in the surgical area is common. Swelling of the cheek is also common and will reduce over time. Applying ice to the area of swelling will aid in the healing process.


An all-liquid diet will be required for up to a week after the surgery. Remember to avoid drinking anything hot. After this, you will be cleared to eat softer foods that don’t require a great deal of chewing. Once you are cleared to eat solid food again, remember that the process will still be difficult for a few weeks.


Once the swelling reduces, the results of the procedure start to become visible. The removal of fat from the buccal fat pad results in cheeks that are no longer chubby and have improved contours.

Patient Story



✨My patient is in front of the camera all the time and did not like her side profile or her cheeks. She tried using fillers before to contour her face but was unhappy with the results and it was time for finessed facial sculpting. This combination approach will address all of her concerns using on small hidden incision under the chin

🎻 Finessed Neck Sculpting is the most powerful technique to tighten the neck muscles and sculpt the deep neck fat. No weight loss regimen, diet or non surgical treatment can accomplish this. Contact our office to schedule an appointment.

Patient Story



My signature Neck Sculpting is performed to improve double chins, or obliquely shaped necks. It is a combination of deep neck work, buccal fat reduction and a chin implant.

Many of my patients are very athletic, work out a lot and eat healthy yet they can’t shake off the double chin look. This is because of deep neck fat and overgrown neck muscles — it’s the patient anatomy and genetics. This is not treatable with non surgical treatments like kybella or superficial liposuction. It requires treatment of the deep neck space structures.

How Much Does Buccal Fat Removal for Women Cost?

The price of buccal fat removal for women depends on a wide variety of factors. The cost of this female facial-contouring procedure is impacted by the amount of fat being removed, the exact techniques employed, the total surgical time, and anesthesia fees.

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