Permanent Lip Filler Removal

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If you are unhappy with asymmetry, nodules, or excess volume due to a lip augmentation procedure involving biopolymer fillers, such as silicone or polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), Dr. Jason Emer and his elite team of medical professionals can help. Dr. Emer is a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist and top provider of permanent lip filler removal in Beverly Hill who has the advanced training and expertise required to perform this treatment.

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What Is Biopolymer Lip Filler Removal?

Permanent lip filler removal procedures are performed to address aesthetic and/or health issues that arise after lip augmentation with silicone or Bellafill® injections. Biopolymer lip fillers like silicone and Bellafill® are injectable substances used in lip augmentation procedures that are intended to provide permanent results.

Though the idea of long-lasting lip augmentation results appeals to many patients, permanent lip fillers are less forgiving than hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers in a few ways. Unless performed by an expert injector with the necessary experience and training, it can be challenging to achieve a natural-looking, symmetrical outcome. Additionally, unlike HA lip fillers, which are temporary and can even be dissolved to reverse the treatment outcome, biopolymer lip fillers can only be removed surgically.

Many patients who have undergone lip augmentation with silicone injections love their look and are thrilled to know their results won’t fade away after six months or so, as they would with HA fillers. However, not every patient has this experience.

In some cases, patients find that their cosmetic ideals change, and they want to reduce the fullness of the lips after lip augmentation with permanent fillers. Some patients have an unexpected reaction to the biopolymer filler such as symptoms of inflammation.

In other instances, permanent lip injection procedures are performed by underqualified, inexperienced, and/or negligent providers and leave the patient with noticeable bumps, asymmetry, and other aesthetic concerns.

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Who Is a Candidate for Permanent Lip Filler Removal?

If you are seeking permanent lip filler removal due to medical or cosmetic concerns, you may be a candidate for this procedure. Common symptoms and issues that lead patients to pursue removal of permanent lip fillers include:

Excessive swelling
Constant bruising
A hardened, rigid feel
Fat necrosis
Stroke (in severe cases)

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Which Lip Fillers Are Considered Permanent?

The three most common lip injections that are considered to be permanent are silicone, Bellafill®, and fat grafting. Dr. Emer uses Silikon 1000, a medical-grade silicone injectable, for various facial sculpting applications. However, it takes a significant amount of professional skill to ensure the safe and symmetrical administration of Silikon 1000, and Dr. Emer performs many lip filler removal treatments for patients whose silicone lip injections were botched by less qualified providers.

Bellafill® is a semi-permanent filler, lasting five years or more depending on the patient’s needs. It contains bovine collagen and PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) microspheres. The collagen allows for an instant plumping effect and is then absorbed by the body over time.

The PMMA microspheres remain and function to support the lips’ new size while stimulating your body’s own collagen production for lasting results. Unlike Bellafill®’s collagen gel, the body does not absorb the PMMA. A medical professional like Dr. Emer must intervene to remove this biopolymer material if a patient is unhappy with the size or shape of the lips after Bellafill® injections.

Fat grafting, also known as fat transfer, involves using liposuction to remove a small amount of fat tissue from elsewhere on the body, so it can be purified and then injected into the lips for a lasting volumizing effect. While this treatment is not associated with adverse reactions since the patient’s own fat is used, asymmetry and/or lumps can occur, leading the patient to pursue a correctional treatment.

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Your Permanent Lip Filler Removal Consultation

The first step of the permanent lip filler removal treatment process is a consultation with Dr. Emer. This invaluable initial appointment allows Dr. Emer to properly diagnose your particular condition to make sure that biopolymer lip filler removal or reduction is the right solution for your needs.

He will also carefully study your relevant health information, current medication list, and history of allergies to ensure that he can develop the safest, most effective treatment plan for your permanent lip filler removal needs.

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How Is Permanent Lip Filler Removed?

The ideal treatment approach for removing biopolymer lip fillers depends on the patient’s specific concerns as well as the type of filler involved. It may be possible to reduce PMMA volume or volume from transferred fat non-surgically with a series of injections of steroids and/or other medications.

However, surgical removal is typically necessary to remove silicone and other biopolymer substances from the lips.

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What to Expect During Permanent Lip Filler Removal Surgery

For unwanted silicone or Bellafill® injections requiring surgical intervention, you’ll first be given anesthesia to make sure you remain comfortable throughout the procedure.
Next, an incision in the upper and/or lower lip will be made, as needed, through which Dr. Emer can remove as much filler as is medically and cosmetically necessary. Once that process is complete, the incision(s) will be closed.

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What to Expect After Your Permanent Lip Filler Removal Procedure

The nature of your recovery will depend on which treatment(s) you undergo. Following surgical lip filler removal, some minor soreness is to be expected for at least a couple of days. If you had surgery, it could be a few weeks until you are cleared to resume intense physical activity, as well. Dr. Emer will advise you on your individual return to work and usual eating habits.

How Much Does Permanent Lip Filler Removal Cost?

The cost of a permanent lip filler removal procedure varies based on which treatment(s) are recommended, how much filler must be removed, and other patient-specific factors. We can better determine the total price for your customized treatment during your consultation.

Schedule a Consultation for Biopolymer Lip Filler Removal

If you are self-conscious about the appearance of your lips and/or are experiencing physical discomfort due to silicone or PMMA lip fillers, contact the office of Dr. Jason Emer today to schedule a consultation for permanent lip filler removal in Beverly Hills.