Whether you are looking for a boost in your immune system, an advantage at the gym, or just to maintain your optimal well-being, IV therapy can be uniquely useful in providing nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are so crucial for your health. When we consume vitamins and nutrients orally, only about half of their benefit is absorbed.

When the body takes in these compounds directly through the bloodstream, however, the effect is magnified and relief from cold symptoms, hangovers or jet lag is virtually instant. Our IV lounge is the perfect way to recharge and revitalize.



Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer, a renowned expert in state-of-the-art skin treatments and body contouring procedures, has been a long-time proponent of IV Hydration Therapy and the benefit of antioxidant hydration, vitamins, and minerals on our overall health. At the Liquid Lounge, the spa-like oasis at Emerage Medical, Dr. Emer and his staff offer an array of rejuvenating treatments and amenities, including lymphatic massage, facials and face masks, LED light therapy, dermal infusion, micro-ampule infusion, and more than a dozen IV Hydration Therapy treatments.

In addition to a full spa menu of nutrient-rich IV treatments, Dr. Emer’s patients can also receive personalized IV cocktails designed to target specific conditions and aesthetic goals. IV Hydration Therapy can be used to address everything from hangovers, hair loss, and post-surgical healing to preventative aging and wellness.


Myer's Cocktail

Work, stress, travel, lack of sleep, cosmetic and surgical procedures… all of these can take a toll on the body. To replenish, repair, and accelerate the healing process, Dr. Emer treats his patients to the CLASSIC IV, a new and improved variation of the popular Myer’s Cocktail. This treatment helps you achieve overall balance by replenishing essential nutrients and restoring your body’s hydration, so you can feel and function at your best.


  • » Replenishes essential vitamins and minerals
  • » Improves metabolic functions
  • » Elevates mood and energy levels
  • » Boosts immunity and recovery
  • » Helps fight fatigue, chronic depression, allergies, asthma, migraines, insomnia, addiction, angina (chest pain), cardiovascular diseases, heart failure, chronic urticaria, hyperthyroidism, dysmenorrhea, and more
  • » Assists in achieving optimal overall wellness



A favorite of gym and fitness fanatics, the PERFORM IV is the ideal treatment for those patients looking for optimal body performance, speedy recovery, and a reduced risk of injury, muscle cramping, and fatigue. When fueling your body, it’s not just about what your body consumes; even more importantly, it’s about what your body absorbs. The PERFORM IV is infused with NAC, a supplement that is proven to dramatically reduce muscle fatigue, enhance athletic endurance, and increase lean muscle mass. PERFORM is the key to enhancing muscle recovery and growth, reducing inflammation, burning more fat post-workout, and achieving maximum PERFORMANCE.


  • » Boosts athletic performance
  • » Increases muscle strength and lean body mass
  • » Reduces fatigue
  • » Prevents muscle cramps and dehydration
  • » Shortens recovery time
  • » Replenishes electrolytes



At any given time, you are carrying a minimum of 700 known toxins in your body. When these excess toxins are not removed, they are stored in your body’s cells, tissues and muscles, ultimately leading to tissue and organ damage, various illnesses and cancers, and chronic fatigue. The DETOX IV is specifically designed to rid your body of dangerous substances, restore your vitality, and improve your overall health.


  • » Detoxifies your body
  • » Cleanses your vital organs
  • » Restores pH balance
  • » Cures hangovers
  • » Assists in food poisoning recovery



Preparing for surgery is not unlike preparing for a marathon. To get across the finish line quickly, without injury, and with minimal soreness, you must properly fuel your body for the big day and ensure that it has an ample amount of nutrients. Administered within 24 hours of surgery, the PRIMETIME IV acts as your pre-surgery trainer, preparing your body for any invasive or surgical procedure and ensuring a speedy recovery with reduced pain, bruising, swelling, and scarring.


  • » Prepares the body for surgery
  • » Accelerates the healing process
  • » Reduces downtime and recovery time
  • » Promotes hydration and relaxation
  • » limit inflammation, bruising, swelling, scarring, infection, and pain



As we age, our cells simply do not function as well as they used to. The powerful, proprietary blend of nutrients in our GLOW IV fuels your cells to decelerate (and even reverse) the aging process. Infused with essential antioxidants, this treatment stimulates collagen production, repairs skin damage, prevents thinning of the skin, and gives you the youthful GLOW you deserve.


  • » Repairs free radical damage 
  • » Rejuvenates the skin and reverses the signs of aging 
  • » Regenerates cells and stimulates new skin production 
  • » Reduces inflammation
  • » Cleanses vital organs
  • » Helps break down fat (fat metabolism)
  • » Improves skin elasticity

IV Therapy is a great way to recover after surgery or a cosmetic procedure, after a sporting event or injury, or even a hangover. Feel you best today.


– Everything You Need to Know about IV Hydration Treatment and Hangover IV Therapy –

How much does IV therapy cost?

The cost of your IV therapy will depend on what kind of nutrients/ treatment IV fluids you are receiving and how many times the treatment will be repeated. For instance, you could take IV therapy to boost immunity, cure a hangover, improve cognitive ability, bio-hacking, and much more. At Emerage Medical and LIVV Natural Health, we have various types of IV therapy packages ranging anywhere from $100-$1,000 per IV. We also have specialty therapies and monthly IV therapy packages.

How long does IV therapy take?

The duration of your IV therapy will depend on the amount of treatment IV fluids, which is determined by your needs. Our quick and easy 100ml hydration bag only takes 10-15 minutes to administer. The slightly bigger 250ml package takes 25-30 minutes, while a larger 500ml bag takes anywhere from 35-40 minutes.

What are the three main types of IV fluids?

At Emerage Medical and LIVV Natural Health, the three main types of IV fluids we use are:

  • » Saline- This is the normal saline which acts as our base fluid.
  • » Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids- We use high-quality vitamins such as the B Vitamins and Vitamin C, which are useful in boosting immunity, skin health and healing wounds.
  • » Glutathione- Glutathione is rich in antioxidant properties with anti-aging benefits. It also can improve metabolic function and fight stress and inflammation.

Is IV therapy right for you?

Yes, IV therapy has a host of benefits to the body and overall health. It delivers much-needed nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly to the bloodstream, where it is absorbed 100%. This is in contrast with taking these nutrients orally, which only results in 30% absorption. Our IV therapy also delivers customized nutrients that your body needs, which enables you to enjoy optimal health.

Why is IV infusion of medication the most dangerous?

IV infusion medication can be dangerous because, without proper caution, air can get into the IV line, causing air bubbles. If air bubbles get injected into the vein, they can travel to the heart or lungs, putting the patient at risk for a heart attack or pulmonary embolism. An improper injection procedure can also cause infiltration. Infiltration occurs when the fluid being delivered leaks to the surrounding tissue causing pain, swelling or tissue damage.

Can I have an IV drip at home?

It is possible to have your IV drip done at home, only if it is administered by medically qualified personnel such as a nurse, doctor, or physician’s assistant. At Emerage Medical and LIVV Natural Health, we are currently offering at home-based IV therapies, but only parties greater than 10 people. Please call for further questions.

Can B12 be given in IV therapy?

Yes, at our IV therapy clinic in San Diego, Vitamin B12 is one of the primary nutrients we give in IV therapy. Vitamin B12 is crucial in keeping our nerves and blood cells healthy. Having a sufficient amount of this vitamin is vital as it protects us from anemia, which would leave us feeling weak and fatigued with pale skin.

How often should you do IV therapy?

How often you should do IV therapy will depend on your health, situation, and needs. For example, if you need an IV treatment to cure a hangover, then you will have this done once. A patient receiving High dose Vitamin C IV therapy in, for example, will require more sessions. Since all our treatments are customized according to your needs, we will advise you on how many treatments you need after evaluating your needs.

Can you drink IV fluids?

You can take the nutrients used in IV therapy orally, but the results will not be felt immediately. For example, if you try curing a hangover by drinking water or electrolytes, it may take several hours until you feel better. IV therapy, on the other hand, will be absorbed into the body immediately, which means you will feel better quicker. Additionally, when you take nutrients via IV, you are assured of 100% absorption, while oral administration only achieves 30% absorption.

How long can you live on IV fluids only?

Having a 30 minute IV therapy session and living on IV fluids only are two entirely different things. People who live on IV fluids are likely suffering from severe health conditions such as Crohn’s Disease, obstructed bowels, or shortened intestines. It is essential to consult a specialist for advice on long term IV fluid use.

Do IV drip hurts?

IV drips should not hurt, and at the very least, all you should feel is a small pinch as the needle pierces the skin. If it hurts, then it may have been wrongly inserted. At Emerage Medical and LIVV Natural Health, all our staff is highly trained for this procedure, and you would have nothing to worry about with us.

Does liquid IV work on hangovers?

Yes, it does. At Emerage Medical and LIVV Natural Health, we have what we call LIVV Revive, a hangover IV fluid therapy specifically designed to cure hangovers. Depending on your needs, you can have the 100ml bag that costs $100, the 250ml bag that goes for $175 or our best-seller, the 500ml bag going for $250. This therapy quickly detoxifies you while delivering much-needed nutrients to your body.

What are IV drips used for?

IV drips are used to deliver nutrients to the body intravenously, that is, through the veins. This is a far quicker method as opposed to say oral administration, as it takes the nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This is an efficient way to do this as it ensures 100% absorption, which leads to quick action.

What happend when IV drip is too fast?

When an IV drips too fast, it can lead to what is known as a vaso-vagal reaction. This can result in fainting, increased perspiration, and low blood pressure. At Emerage Medical and LIVV Natural Health, all our IV therapies are administered by highly qualified and professional staff, who will ensure that your IV therapy drip is properly administered.

How long does IV medication take to work?

IV medication goes to work immediately as it is delivered directly into the bloodstream. Some IV therapies at our San Diego clinic take as little as 15 minutes to administer, within which you will feel energized and ready to bounce back to your daily routine. Some of our customers who have gone through treatments such as PRP injections for shoulder pain have reported feeling better in one week.

Can you die from IV?

Death is highly unlikely, but improper administration of a drip can result in an infection in the area, vein irritation, and inflammation. Receiving too much of certain fluids can also cause serious health issues if proper consultation is not done beforehand. For instance, a patient with congestive heart failure can be endangered by fluid overload.

What are the side effects of IV therapy?

The majority of our clients have had IV therapy successfully without any adverse side effects. As a precaution, however, it is useful to note that IV therapy may have possible side effects, including nausea, heavy perspiration, lethargy, and allergic reactions.


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