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Board-certified cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer is a leading authority in laser skin rejuvenation. One of the newest lasers in his extensive collection is MOXI by Sciton. Dr. Emer is among the first to offer restorative, minimal downtime skin treatments with MOXI in Beverly Hills. Since then, he has developed proprietary combination treatments that incorporate this advanced laser, including his Hollywood Spotlight procedure.

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MOXI is a laser device designed to improve the appearance of your skin. It is classified as a non-ablative, fractional laser and is considered to be one of the gentlest laser treatment options available. Its 1927nm wavelength makes it ideal for upper skin surface issues and allows for significant results with less downtime than stronger lasers require.

Since Dr. Emer’s approach to skin rejuvenation has always had its foundation in meticulously customizing his patients’ treatments, MOXI’s three distinct energy settings make it an invaluable addition to his laser collection. Some of the most common applications for MOXI in Dr. Emer’s cosmetic dermatology practice include:

  • Addressing pigmentation irregularities
  • Resolving textural issues
  • Minimizing and preventing signs of aging
  • Providing maintenance “touch-ups” after more invasive laser procedures
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Right for you?

Am I a Good Candidate for MOXI?

Healthy adults of all ages and skin types can be candidates for MOXI laser skin treatments. Unlike other more aggressive lasers which can pose a risk of hyperpigmentation in patients with darker skin tones, MOXI is safe for patients of all skin colors.

Candidates for MOXI are often patients who are concerned about protecting their skin from visible signs of aging. In addition to those desiring preventative, anti-aging skincare, candidates who want to minimize the appearance of existing photodamage, age spots, and other superficial pigmentation issues can be good candidates.

MOXI can be an ideal treatment for patients who are unwilling or unable to accommodate the discomfort and lengthy recovery periods associated with stronger lasers. MOXI laser skin rejuvenation is well-tolerated by patients and does not require downtime. 

Your treatment goals will affect your candidacy for MOXI. Some skin conditions and/or advanced signs of aging may be better addressed with alternative treatments. Dr. Emer will determine the best treatment approach for your needs during your consultation, after he has assessed your skin concerns.

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Is MOXI the Best Laser Treatment for Me?

While you will need to consult with a dermatologist who can examine your skin and identify the ideal laser device for your needs, you can take a more active, educated role in your care by learning the basics about the different types of lasers.

  • Ablative lasers – “Wounding,” or ablative, lasers deliver intense levels of light energy that remove the outermost layer of skin. Ablative laser treatments require a considerable recovery period. However, since the treatment is aggressive, ablative lasers can provide dramatic improvements in just one treatment session.
  • Non-ablative lasers – Non-ablative lasers like MOXI leave the skin’s outer layer intact while employing laser heat under the surface. This allows for much less discomfort and downtime than with an ablative laser treatment. It also means that you’ll need more treatment sessions to resolve many skin concerns.
  • Fractional lasers – As the name suggests, fractional lasers are designed to target a fraction of the skin cells in a treatment area. It takes less time for patients to recover from fractional laser procedures than from non-fractional laser treatments.
  • Non-fractional lasers – Non-fractionated lasers are full coverage delivery systems. Rather than transmitting light energy to a fraction of the skin in the treatment area, these lasers cover the entire treatment area.


Procedure Details


MOXI is a popular “lunch break laser,” since the procedure is quick, and patients can return to work and their other daily activities right after the treatment. A topical numbing cream can be applied to the treatment area if you are worried about pain during the procedure. However, many patients find MOXI gentle enough that they skip this step.

You will be given protective goggles to wear while Dr. Emer guides the MOXI handpiece across the treatment area. Patients often describe feeling a warm, “prickly” sensation as the laser heat is delivered.

Depending on your skin type and the condition(s) being addressed, Dr. Emer will follow the MOXI procedure with a soothing serum or other type of protective topical skin treatment. He will also review your personalized aftercare instructions with you.


Procedure Details

What to expect after a moxi treatment

Patients love that MOXI treatments do not require that they take time off work or away from their regular routine. You may notice that the texture of the skin becomes rough for a few days until the damaged skin cells naturally fall away and reveal a fresh, healthy dermal layer.

Post-procedure, you may experience short-term pinkness and warmth across the treated skin. These sensations are typically similar to the symptoms of a mild sunburn and will diminish within about three hours.

Your aftercare guidelines will detail when you can resume wearing makeup and applying skincare products without jeopardizing your MOXI treatment results. In most cases, you can return to your normal skincare regimen within a day or so of your procedure.


What Kind of Results Can I Expect with MOXI Laser Treatments?

You can expect quicker results with MOXI than with other lasers. Improvements like brighter, more glowing skin are usually apparent within a week or less of a treatment session.

To accomplish optimal rejuvenation effects, Dr. Emer usually advises that patients undergo a short series of MOXI sessions. For most patients, three to four treatments at weekly intervals can successfully correct age spots and photodamage and deliver a noticeably more even and youthful complexion.

After completing your initial series of MOXI sessions, bi-annual or annual touch-up sessions can be scheduled to maintain your results. Dr. Emer will also discuss at-home skincare protocols to support radiant, smooth, and clear skin long-term.

The Dr. Emer Difference

How Does Dr. Emer Do MOXI Differently?

Dr. Emer’s expertise with MOXI and countless other cosmetic dermatology devices and products translates to exciting, creative, and effective combination treatments that patients simply will not find anywhere else.

Dr. Emer advocates a combination treatment approach for exceptional results, which means he frequently employs MOXI as part of a comprehensive, multi-modality treatment protocol that is carefully tailored to the patient and may include:

  • Plasma Pen
  • Sylfirm X or Pixel8-RF
  • BBL Hero
  • Chemical peels
  • At-home skincare products


Two of Dr. Emer’s most sought-after MOXI combination treatments

Hollywood Spotlight Treatment

This exclusive, age-reversing treatment can make skin look up to seven years younger in just seven days. Dr. Emer combines the MOXI laser, BBL Hero light therapy, and his Aerify Complexion Revival Peeling Kit to lift age spots, correct sun damage, and minimize wrinkles.

Tight & Bright with MOXI

Tight & Bright pairs MOXI’s brightening effects with radiofrequency (RF) microneedling for skin tightening. This combination treatment is ideal for evening out irregular skin tone, improving skin texture, resolving rosacea, and smoothing out fine lines.

Dr. Emer has several RF microneedling devices, including Morpheus8, Pixel8-RF, and Sylfirm X. He will select the RF device best suited to your skin type and aesthetic goals to complement the MOXI laser treatment. To complete the Tight & Bright procedure, the Emerage Skin Aerify Illuminating Mask is placed over the treated skin to further enhance results.

Variations of Tight & Bright can include the addition of:

  • BBL Hero to reduce redness and lift pigmentation
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to expedite healing

How Much Does Skin Rejuvenation with MOXI Cost?

Since the size of the treatment area, type of skin concern(s) to be treated, and number of necessary sessions differs from one patient to another, the price of MOXI laser skin rejuvenation varies. You will be able to review the fees associated with your specific MOXI treatment during your consultation.


Achieving your healthiest, most vibrant skin starts with scheduling a consultation with Dr. Emer. His unparalleled results are a reflection of his passion for cosmetic dermatology and improving his patients’ lives by helping them look and feel like the most amazing version of themselves. Contact our office today to arrange your consultation for MOXI in Beverly Hills, and get the clear, glowing complexion you deserve.