WHAT IS CoolSculpting?

Cryolipolysis (more commonly known as Coolsculpting) has become a highly popular treatment for patients who wish to remove fat sustainably from small, localized areas through non-invasive methods. Through Coolsculpting, renowned body contouring authority Dr. Jason Emer is able to freeze unwanted fat cells in the stomach, back, flanks, upper arms, inner and outer thighs, neck, and chin.


Dr. Emer employs a range of non-invasive radiofrequency devices—including Venus Legacy, InMode Forma, and the BTL Exilis Ultra—to achieve specific improvements like fat and cellulite reduction, improved color and skin texture, improved body shape and contour, and defined abdominal muscles and hip lines.

These procedures are performed monthly after a series of initial treatments to enhance skin tightening, collagen production, and prevent skin sagging over time.  Dr. Emer often uses RF skin tightening in combination with Sculptra injections for enhanced collagen production and with ultrasound energy-based such as Ultherapy for additional skin tightening.


The secret to tightening those stubborn, concentrated pockets of unwanted fat, cellulite, and sagging skin and achieving more contour and definition is understanding the benefits of tailored combination treatments, preventative care, and continued maintenance.

A board-certified dermatologic surgeon and a true pioneer in revolutionary, non-surgical fat reduction and skin tightening procedures, Dr. Jason Emer in Beverly Hills applies both his artistic vision and his scientific expertise to develop a patient-specific treatment and maintenance plan that incorporates a customized combination of non-invasive thermal energy, radiofrequency and microfocused ultrasound devices, shockwave and vibrational therapy, and mesotherapy (injectable fat reducers) to achieve natural, lasting results and reverse the signs of aging.

For patients looking to avoid surgical intervention to obtain a slimmer, tighter figure and a contoured musculature, a full body transformation is now attainable in the hands of Dr. Emer, who possesses the skill, unparalleled finesse, and state-of-the-art technologies to provide stunning skin tightening and fat reduction enhancements with minimal downtime.


For athletic individuals with localized problem areas seeking minor improvements, Vanquish is an alternative non-invasive, no-contact solution that uses radiofrequency heating to achieves visible improvements in skin tightening, texture, smoothness and fat reduction on the abdomen, flanks, legs and arms. Both Vanquish and Coolsculpting require multiple sessions with regular, continued maintenance to see visible results and reverse the signs of aging.

What is


When used in combination, Coolsculpting and Vanquish form “Fire & Ice,” a single-day, large-area treatment that achieves 10-15% more fat removal and is highly effective on stubborn areas that are unresponsive to diet and exercise.

Dr. Emer follows this treatment with shockwave and vibration therapies to accelerate the healing process, minimize downtime, improve fat reduction, and ensure that all damaged fat cells are removed post-treatment.

An authority in tailored combination procedures, Dr. Emer will often pair “Fire & Ice” with radiofrequency treatments to stimulate additional fat reduction and with Mesotherapy (injectable fat reducers) to target concentrated areas of fat such as the neck, knees, and bra and back roll; achieve jaw and neck contouring; and address post-liposuction indentations or irregularities.

Impacting both men and women, cellulite often occurs in the hips, buttocks or thighs and is characterized by lumpy, dimpled, and wavy skin. While there is no cure for cellulite, board-certified dermatologic surgeon Dr. Jason Emer in West Hollywood employs multiple methods of cellulite reduction—and counsels all of his patients in continued maintenance and cellulite prevention. The process begins with a consultation with Dr. Emer, in which he identifies all ripples, dimples, bumps and waves on the skin to create a roadmap of the procedure.




A renowned authority in skin tightening and anti-aging techniques, Dr. Emer understands that the true advantage of radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening is prevention. Rather than providing immediate face or neck lifting, RF energy slows down and reverses the aging process, allowing you to age more slowly, naturally—and more youthfully—and averting the need for early surgical interventions. For many of Dr. Emer’s longtime patients, enhanced monthly facial treatments paired with RF skin tightening is the secret to anti-aging and smooth, radiant skin.

WHAT IS Thermage?

Dr. Emer uses state-of-the-art RF skin tightening devices like Thermage to improve skin laxity on the eyes, neck, chest, arms, stomach, thighs and knees. By safely heating the skin at high temperatures, burning unwanted fat and stimulating collagen production, RF skin tightening can reduce loose, drooping, sagging, crepey, or wrinkly skin. This wake-up call for your skin is a beloved biannual treatment for patients looking for visible improvement in skin quality with minimal downtime and without “noticeable enhancements.”


As a primary treatment for cellulite and large dimples, Dr. Emer utilizes Cellfina, a motorized, minimally invasive subcision device that penetrates the skin to cut cellulite bands and disrupt any scars and tissue tugging on the skin. Cellfina may be used in combination with Sculptra to achieve large-area collagen production—as well as with Renuva fat and Bellafill injections to combat stubborn, individual dimples.

Following these treatments, Dr. Emer incorporates several non-invasive treatments to enhance the outcome of the procedure: ultrasound technology to disrupt connective tissue adhesions; radiofrequency and shockwave therapy treatments to promote skin tightening such as called Cellutone, Evive or Z wave, which all deliver high-frequency vibrations to enhance micro-circulation and oxygen supply in the affected area, thereby breaking up the fat cells, stimulating blood flow, tightening the skin, and improving muscle definition. Because there is no cure for cellulite, Dr. Emer creates a personalized maintenance schedule for his patients to help maintain a smooth, youthful appearance.

Other Options


Dr. Emer employs a range of non-invasive radiofrequency devices—including Venus Legacy, InMode Forma, and the BTL Exilis Ultra—to achieve specific improvements like fat and cellulite reduction, improved color and skin texture, improved body shape and contour, and defined abdominal muscles and hip lines.

These procedures are performed monthly after a series of initial treatments to enhance skin tightening, collagen production, and prevent skin sagging over time. Dr. Emer often uses RF skin tightening in combination with Sculptra injections for enhanced collagen production and with ultrasound energy-based such as Ultherapy for additional skin tightening.


For Beverly Hills patients seeking smoother, tighter skin and aging skin prevention, Dr. Emer uses non-invasive devices such as Ultherapy to deliver focused, high-intensity ultrasound energy to any problem areas, thereby improving fine lines and wrinkles as well as addressing any loose or drooping skin. Contact Dr. Jason Emer of Beverly Hills today.

Ideal for the face, neck and jawline, Ultherapy is also safe and effective on the chest, arms, thighs, knees, buttocks and other areas when used to treat concentrated areas of crepey skin. In his vast experience, Dr. Emer has found that Ultherapy, when used in combination with additional skin tightening devices, can provide advanced, long-term prevention and improvement in skin laxity.

Maintaining a youthful lift and retaining skin elasticity for an extended period of time is possible through recurrent Ultherapy treatments (Dr. Emer recommends one or two sessions per year), and the results are dramatically improved when ultrasound skin tightening is complemented with non-surgical thread lifts, Sculptra injections, bi-monthly radiofrequency treatments to stimulate additional collagen production and microneedling RF treatments such as Intensif or Fractora.


A pioneer in alternative methods of skin tightening, Dr. Jason Emer uses non-invasive devices such as ZWave or Cellultone, which transmit high-energy radial shockwaves to the skin tissue to improve blood circulation, rejuvenate cells, strengthen connective tissue, and stimulate collagen formation.

In his West Hollywood practice, Dr. Emer often combines Shockwave Therapy with radiofrequency skin heating treatments to produce additional skin tightening and firmness; with Cellfina to address cellulite, stretch marks and scars; and with Sculptra injections to stimulate collagen production. Most effective on the abdomen, upper arms, legs and buttocks, ZWave or Cellutone is commonly used after liposuction procedures in order to achieve optimal results.

For additional cellulite reduction, the Eclipse eVIVE can deliver pulse shockwaves to problem areas; when paired with Venus Legacy or BTL Exilis Ultra, eVIVE can help smooth out the skin tissue and remodel collagen. Post-surgical procedures, Dr. Emer and his staff will administer Shockwave Therapy to assist with healing and collagen regeneration. eVIVE is even used as a complement to penile enhancement procedures to increase blood flow and improve tissue integrity.


Whether used independently or in combination with radiofrequency, ultrasound and shockwave therapy procedures, injectables can provide anti-aging benefits and rejuvenated skin through collagen stimulation.

Sculptra, a poly-L-lactic acid comprised of suture material, is a natural collagen stimulator often used in combination with fillers and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to enhance facial features, lift tissue, tighten the skin, improve wrinkles and skin tone, reduce cellulite, and reverse or prevent the aging process. For optimal results, Sculptra injections are administered in a series of treatments with continued maintenance.

For patients with localized areas of fat looking to avoid liposuction, Dr. Emer often uses injectable fat reducers, including Kybella and Lipodissolve, which can be customized to those specific areas and combined with additional skin tightening treatments, fillers, and thread lifting to achieve facial and body contouring.

Similarly, through Mesotherapy—a more potent treatment option that is effective in the bra roll, buttock roll, knee and abdominal areas—Dr. Emer will often create a customized combination of hyaluronic acids, vitamins, fillers and neuromodulators and inject it into any problem areas to hydrate the skin, shrink the pores, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


 For patients with skin sagging and loose skin tissue—commonly occurring in the face, neck, jowls, stomach, arms, knees, thighs, or buttock roll—minimally invasive, internal skin tightening procedures can provide not only skin tightening and lifting but also enhanced contouring and improved definition. ThermiRF and InMode FaceTite/BodyTite delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy to heat the undersurface of the skin, prompting a “shrink wrap” effect and resulting in a smoother skin texture, cellulite reduction, and improved lines and wrinkles. Renuvion (or J-Plasma) also uses RF plasma energy to heat and tighten the skin internally while simultaneously delivering helium for an immediate cooling effect.

Allowing for high temperatures to tighten skin without putting the skin at risk for burns or scars. All of these state-of-the-art devices can be paired with Hi-Definition Liposuction for more pronounced skin tightening and face or body defining. A renowned veteran in non-surgical fat reduction and skin tightening procedures, Dr. Emer customizes both short-term and long-term treatment plans to suit your unique needs and produce the optimal outcome. For patients with a significant amount of loose or sagging skin, Dr. Emer and his skilled team of plastic surgeons can perform a safe and effective skin removal surgery. Following skin removal procedures, Dr. Emer uses energy-based skin tightening devices to maintain and enhance the results achieved through surgery.


A trusted authority and pioneer in nonsurgical facial sculpting and body contouring procedures, Dr. Jason Emer employs his artistry, skills and state-of-the-art devices to obtain visible, long-lasting skin tightening results with minimally and non-invasive methods and without any scarring or surgical intervention.

The key to scarless skin tightening is a carefully crafted combination approach—one that is tailored to your specific needs and goals following a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Emer in Beverly Hills—which may include Coolsculpting and/or Vanquish for fat reduction; in-office skin tightening procedures; and thread lifting either through Silhouette Instalift (which utilizes biodegradable cones) or NovaThreads (resorbable smooth or barbed suture threads), which are inserted beneath the skin to provide an instant, noticeable lift.

Following the procedure, patients return to the office once or twice each month for external radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening treatments such as BTL Exilis Ultra, Venus Legacy, or InMode Forma to enhance the results of the procedure and continue to improve color and skin texture. Additionally, Dr. Emer recommends that his patients receive Thermage RF skin tightening or Ultherapy ultrasound treatments to maintain your smooth, youthful appearance and reverse the signs of aging at least twice yearly.


Dr. Emer is an amazing dermatologist. I found him when I first moved to LA 2.5 years ago and have been seeing him regularly ever since. I always have great recommendations and make my skin look amazing! I completely trust him. His skin also always looks amazing and I think it’s important for a skin doctor to look the part himself. He has also provided me with a great referral for another doctor who was also excellent!

– A.D.

I’ve been going to Dr. Emer for 2 years. He has helped me improve my skin with a combination of treatments. It’s nice to have a doctor you can trust. Dr. Emer is the best! The staff is very friendly and professional as well. Thanks Dr. Emer!

– G.V.

Dr Emer and his team are the best!! My skin looks and feels it’s absolute best after every visit! Fresh, clear, bright, youthful! And they take amazing care of me – and all their patients!