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One of the newest cosmetic skin rejuvenation devices to meet the high safety and efficacy standards of board-certified cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer is the ellacor™ system with Micro-Coring™ Technology. This innovative, non-surgical treatment minimizes the appearance of facial wrinkles without inducing thermal damage. With ellacor™, Beverly Hills patients of many skin types and skin tones can enjoy more youthful-looking skin with minimal downtime.

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The ellacor™ System is a complexion rejuvenating treatment that employs non-surgical skin removal to minimize moderate to severe wrinkles in the lower face and mid face. Ellacor™ is the first wrinkle reduction device of its kind and is FDA-approved for use by qualified medical professionals, such as board-certified cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Emer.

Unlike ellacor™, many wrinkle treatment devices are energy-based and transmit radiofrequency, ultrasound, or light (laser) energy to heat the skin. While the thermal damage caused by energy-based devices can effectively stimulate collagen production to reduce signs of aging, post-treatment healing times can be substantial.

Ellacor™’s unique, precision skin removal process does not require the use of heat to achieve smoother, tighter, and younger-looking skin, so patients are spared the discomfort and lengthier recovery periods associated with treatments that inflict thermal damage.

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    Right for you?

    Am I a Candidate for Ellacor™?

    Dr. Emer crafts a customized skin rejuvenation plan for each of his patients based on the specific characteristics of his or her skin, as well as several other factors. He will need to meet with you for a consultation to determine if ellacor™ is the best way to accomplish your aesthetic goals.

    Ideal candidates for ellacor™ are patients who:

    • Are at least 22 years old
    • Want to minimize the appearance of wrinkles in the mid face and/or lower face
    • Understand the potential benefits and limitations of the treatment
    • Are willing to follow Dr. Emer’s pre- and post-treatment instructions
    • Are not pregnant
    • Have not had cosmetic injectable treatments, such as dermal fillers or neuromodulators like Botox, in the targeted area for six months
    • Do not have open wounds or scars that are less than six months old in the treatment area
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    How Does ellacor™ Work?

    The Ellacor™ device utilizes tiny hollow needles to remove micro-portions of excess skin. Not only does this process cut away fine lines, it also causes the body to initiate its natural healing response. As part of this response, the skin will stretch to cover the removal sites, producing noticeable tightening and smoothing effects.

    Ellacor™ should not be confused with microneedling, as Ellacor™ is the only skin rejuvenation device that removes micro-cores of skin to smooth out wrinkles. In contrast, microneedling treatments stimulate increased collagen production to improve the complexion by puncturing the skin with small needles.

    How to Prepare for an ellacor™ Treatment

    Your preparation instructions will be tailored to your skin type, skin tone, the presence or absence of certain dermal conditions, and other factors. Pre-procedure requirements that apply to all patients include:

    • Taking precautions regarding blood thinning medications and supplements – Blood thinning medications and supplements should not be taken in the 14 days leading up to your treatment. This includes abstaining from ibuprofen, aspirin,Vitamin E, fish oil, grapeseed extract, and other products. During your initial consultation, Dr. Emer will ask you to provide a complete list of medications and herbal supplements that you take, so he can assist you in safely preparing for your ellacor™ procedure.
    • Preventing skin irritation and inflammation in the treatment area – It is important to avoid sun exposure and tanning beds during the two weeks before your treatment. Additionally, you should not undergo at-home or in-office skin treatments for two weeks prior to your procedure, unless otherwise advised by Dr. Emer.
    • Hair removal – The day before your procedure, you will need to shave your beard, mustache, and/or other facial hair in the treatment area, as directed by Dr. Emer. The use of an electric shaver is recommended to prevent cuts and abrasions.
    • Pre-treatment considerations – On the day of your ellacor™ session, choose an outfit that is comfortable, making sure that your shirt does not have a high neckline and/or tight collar. Skincare products and makeup should not be applied to your face or neck on the day of your treatment.
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    What to Expect During Your ellacor™ Procedure

    Anesthesia will be administered at the start of your Ellacor™ procedure to ensure your comfort. Once the anesthesia has taken its intended effect, Dr. Emer can commence treatment by positioning the Ellacor™ device over a targeted wrinkle and initiating the removal of micro-cores of tissue.

    The Ellacor™ device can treat an area of 10 square millimeters in fewer than three seconds. This capability allows Dr. Emer to provide comprehensive wrinkle reduction treatments of the mid and lower face in 30 minutes or less.

    What to Expect During Your Recovery from ellacor™

    Since ellacor™ does not cause thermal damage, this skin rejuvenation treatment is associated with a shorter recovery period than many energy-based alternative treatments. Most patients can comfortably resume their normal routine, including returning to work, after about three days of downtime.

    Some patients experience temporary post-treatment effects like tenderness, tightness, redness, and/or swelling. In most cases, such symptoms resolve on their own within a week.
    You will be given personalized aftercare instructions, which will detail best practices for:

    • Post-procedure activity restrictions – It is important to protect the treated skin from injury and overheating as it heals. Saunas and strenuous exercise should be avoided. Additionally, you should not submerge the treated skin in water, so plan to avoid baths, swimming pools, hot tubs, and/or natural bodies of water like the ocean.
    • Preventing photodamage – Direct sun exposure and the use of tanning beds are particularly harmful to your skin as it heals after ellacor™.
    • Properly cleansing the treatment area – You will need to cleanse the treated area twice a day during your recovery.
    • Be sure not to scrub the treated skin, and only use water and a mild facial cleanser.
    • Properly drying the cleansed skin – Use a clean towel to pat the skin dry after cleansing. You must not share or reuse your towels. Some patients prefer to use and discard a paper towel rather than to use a fresh towel that must be washed after each use.
    • Skincare and hair removal – Shaving and waxing can injure the treated skin and should only be reintroduced when healing is complete. Similarly, you should not resume use of moisturizers, makeup, and other skin care products until approved by Dr. Emer.

    When Will I See My ellacor™ Results?

    Many patients notice firmer, smoother skin in as little as three days. The full effect of your ellacor™ treatment will be increasingly apparent as post-treatment symptoms dissipate in the week following your ellacor™ procedure.
    Ellacor™ can provide improvements in skin architecture and less-visible wrinkles for a more youthful, refreshed facial appearance. The device’s tiny, hollow needles have an internal diameter of less than 0.5mm, which means the ellacor™ System can noticeably revitalize the skin without leaving evidence of scarring.

    Multiple treatment sessions may be recommended to produce the best possible outcome. In most cases, patients arrive at their desired results after three Ellacor™ sessions spaced about a month apart.


    How Dr. Emer Does ellacor™ Differently

    Dr. Emer has earned international recognition for the astounding results he achieves with his exclusive anti-aging protocols. His proprietary skin rejuvenation treatments consist of patient-tailored combinations of meticulously selected in-office procedures, at-home skincare regimens, and wellness therapies.

    To ensure a natural-looking, harmonious outcome and to support long-term improvements in the health and appearance of the skin, Dr. Emer frequently combines ellacor™ with complementary skin revitalization treatments. Depending on your skin concerns and aesthetic goals, Dr. Emer may recommend one or more of the following treatments to enhance and extend your ellacor™ results:

    • Dermal fillers
    • Neuromodulators
    • Autologous facial fat transfer
    • Thread lifting
    • Thermage
    • Ultherapy
    • LED light therapy
    • Sylfirm X
    • Non-surgical brow lift

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    HOW MUCH DOES ellacor™ cost?

    Once Dr. Emer has designed your customized skin rejuvenation treatment plan, the related costs will be reviewed with you. Factors that impact the price of skin revitalization with ellacor™ include:

    The number of treatment sessions needed

    The size of the treatment area(s)

    Whether complementary cosmetic procedures are required to accomplish your desired outcome

    Schedule a Consultation for ellacor™ in Beverly Hills

    If you are looking for a non-surgical wrinkle reduction treatment that delivers visible results without the need for an extensive recovery period, ellacor™ could be the optimal solution for you. Reach out to our office today to arrange a consultation with Dr. Emer, so he can create your personalized anti-aging treatment plan.