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LED light therapy is a popular regenerative skin treatment at the Beverly Hills medical practice of board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer. This gentle, effective therapy is the perfect complement to many of the advanced cosmetic treatments offered by Dr. Emer due to its healing, energizing effects on the cells of the body.

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Light emitting diode therapy, or LED light therapy, employs targeted, UV-free LED light energy to offer multiple benefits and address a wide range of skin issues. Dr. Emer provides LED light therapy in various wavelengths, or colors of light, to stimulate specific biological responses at the cellular level.

Dr. Emer customizes LED light therapy treatments to each patient’s unique goals. LED light therapy is most commonly performed to reduce inflammation and redness, energize and regenerate cells, build new proteins, and/or destroy acne bacteria.

When used both before and after laser, radiofrequency, ultrasound, microneedling, and injectable filler treatments, LED light therapy can increase circulation and speed up the healing process. In some cases, patients have healed 150 to 200 times faster than would have been possible without this innovative therapy.

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Am I a Good Candidate for LED Light Therapy?

Patients in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood seeking a safe, non-invasive treatment for acne, inflamed skin, and/or age-related wrinkles and fine lines are often great candidates for LED light therapy with Dr. Emer. Dr. Emer can safely perform LED light therapy on all skin tones and on healthy adults of all ages.

While LED light therapy is an excellent treatment option for most patients, a consultation with a skin rejuvenation expert like Dr. Emer is necessary to determine your candidacy. Patients with active flare-ups of certain skin conditions may be better candidates for alternative interventions.

It is also important that you advise Dr. Emer of any medications that you take to ensure that you can safely undergo LED light therapy. Individuals on certain medications such as Accutane for acne or topical treatments that cause light sensitivity should not use LED light therapy.

As with any cosmetic treatment, it is important that candidates are of sound mind and body. Candidates must also have realistic expectations for their results.

What Is Red LED Therapy?

Red light, or infrared light, can be delivered to treat skin conditions that affect the outer layer of skin. Dr. Emer employs red LED light to repair damaged skin cells and revitalize the aging complexion for a more radiant appearance. Since red light easily penetrates the pores, it can be an effective method of:

  • Improving blood circulation
  • Assisting in lymphatic drainage
  • Reducing melasma and psoriasis
  • Boosting absorption of nutrients
  • Stimulating the regrowth of collagen and elastin, which are two vital proteins responsible for skin suppleness and youthfulness

What Is Blue LED Therapy?

Blue LED light therapy can significantly improve acne because it affects the oil glands located under the hair follicles. It can also destroy the bacteria that causes breakouts.

The oil glands, or sebaceous glands, are designed to prevent the skin and hair from becoming too dry. However, some patients have overactive oil glands which can make them prone to acne. Blue LED therapy, which can decrease sebaceous gland activity, can be an effective intervention for this common skin condition.

Benefits of LED Light Therapy

Whether LED light therapy involves red light, blue light, or a combination of these wavelengths, patients can experience many positive effects. Benefits of LED light therapy can include:

  • Refreshing and invigorating treatment
  • Combats several different skin conditions at the same time
  • Personalized for your comfort level
  • Helps reverse the signs of aging
  • Corrects facial scarring
  • Exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells
  • Removes debris, makeup, oil, and dirt
  • Fights melasma and skin discoloration
  • No known long term side effects


Dr. Emer is an amazing dermatologist. I found him when I first moved to LA 2.5 years ago and have been seeing him regularly ever since. I always has great recommendations and makes my skin look amazing! I completely trust him. His skin also always looks amazing and I think it’s important for a skin doctor to look the part himself. He has also provided me with a great referral for another doctor who was also excellent!

– Ana D

I’ve been going to Dr. Emer for 2 years. He has helped me improved my skin with combination of treatments. It’s nice to have a doctor you can trust. Dr. Emer is the best! the staff is very friendly and professional as well. Thanks Dr. Emer!

– G.V.

Dr Emer and his team are the best!! My skin looks and feels it’s absolute best after every visit! Fresh, clear, bright, youthful! And they take amazing care of me – and all their patients!


What to Expect After LED Light Therapy

There is no downtime or recovery after LED light therapy. Some patients notice improvements in skin tone, texture, and/or clarity after just one treatment.

A series of weekly LED light therapy sessions is typically recommended for the most dramatic results. Once you have achieved your desired outcome, regular maintenance sessions will be needed to combat new bacteria growth, collagen loss, and the natural aging process.

How Does Dr. Emer Do LED Light Therapy Differently?

Leading cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Emer has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to LED light therapy for skin rejuvenation. Dr. Emer uses FDA-approved, cutting-edge LightStim technology to deliver this beneficial, natural light energy into the skin.

The LightStim “bed” at Dr. Emer’s West Hollywood medical practice contains more than 18,000 LED lights designed to rejuvenate, repair, and re-energize every cell in your body. These lights are available in multiple hues, allowing LightStim to treat a range of issues. Dr. Emer frequently recommends LED LightStim therapy as part of his advanced, world-renowned, combination protocols for treating acne, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, stretch marks, sun damage, enlarged pores, age spots, eczema, and psoriasis.

How Much Does LED Light Therapy Cost?

A series of LED light therapy sessions is typically recommended for optimal results, so the cost of LED light therapy will depend on the number of treatments needed to resolve your specific skin concerns. Additionally, to achieve the most comprehensive and longest-lasting improvements in the appearance and health of the skin, Dr. Emer often combines LED light therapy with complementary treatments. All costs associated with your skin rejuvenation protocol will be reviewed with you prior to scheduling any treatments.

Schedule a Consultation for LED Light Therapy in West Hollywood

Brighter, healthier, and more youthful skin is inevitable when you choose board-certified dermatologist Dr. Emer for your skin rejuvenation needs. Contact our office to schedule a consultation and find out if you are a candidate for the best LED light therapy in West Hollywood.