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What is LED Light Therapy?

LED Light or Photodynamic Therapy employs targeted, UV-free LED lights—available in various wavelengths (or colors of light)—to offer multiple benefits and address a wide range of skin issues.

Dr. Jason Emer and our experienced Beverly Hills aestheticians customize each treatment to your unique goals in order to reduce inflammation and redness, energize and regenerate cells, build new proteins, and/or destroy acne bacteria. 

When used both before and after laser, radiofrequency, ultrasound, microneedling, and injectable filler treatments, LED Light Therapy can increase circulation and speed up the healing process (up to 150 to 200 times faster).

Who is a good candidate for LED Light Therapy?

Clients in the Beverly Hills and West Hollywood areas may be great candidates for blue or red LED Light Therapy if they are dealing with acne breakouts or age-related wrinkles and fine lines and seek a safe, non-invasive approach tailored to their unique needs and skin type. It’s important that all those undergoing this treatment are of sound mind and body, are not breastfeeding or pregnant, and have realistic expectations for their results.

What is blue LED therapy?

Blue LED light is an excellent solution for acne-riddled skin, as it kills bacteria within the pores, and on the skin’s surface, reducing oil and debris. In addition to healing acne, the treatment can also improve eczema and rosacea. With the help of blue LED light, a clearer, brighter complexion is finally within reach.

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