HD Liposculpture for Men

A specialist in life-altering, full-body transformations, Dr. Jason Emer performs an advanced form of liposuction called Hi-Definition Liposculpture, which seeks to not only remove unwanted fat but also tighten the skin, improve cellulite, define and contour the body, and correct botched surgeries and irregularities.

Using revolutionary techniques and advanced technologies, including laser, ultrasound, and radiofrequency (RF) energy, Dr. Emer can meticulously design every detail, shape a perfect curve, create toned, athletic arms, and sculpt and define six-pack abs. Areas that are difficult to treat for others — such as the legs, calves, chest, and back — are Dr. Emer’s unique specialties.

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Dr. Emer crafts an inventive, customized approach for each of his patients, producing significant improvements where others cannot. For patients who would benefit from surgical procedures, such as skin removal, body lifting, muscular implants, or breast gland removal, Dr. Emer works closely with his expert surgical team to ensure a safe, effective and complete transformation that is simultaneously. Regardless of the procedure, in Dr. Emer’s care, stunning results are inevitable. For this reason, patients travel to Dr. Emer’s practice in Beverly Hills / Los Angeles / West Hollywood, California, from all over the world to take advantage of his comprehensive care and innovative approaches.

How is Dr. Emer’s Hi-Definition Liposculpture different from Traditional Liposuction?

Traditional liposuction is essentially “bulk fat reduction,” which in some cases can lead to loose, sagging skin, indentations or irregularities. What traditional liposuction cannot do is contour, reshape or sculpt the body. Furthermore, traditional liposuction cannot tighten or remove loose skin, fix previously botched procedures, or address complications such as fibrosis, discoloration, or poor contour.

There are plenty of cosmetic physicians and plastic surgeons who can remove fat for mild improvement, but there are only a handful of meticulous, highly skilled Hi-Definition Liposculpture specialists who can remove fat, tighten skin, remove cellulite, correct botched procedures, improve indentations and irregularities, and purify and repurpose the removed fat to create a defined, sculpted figure. The end result after a Hi-Definition procedure is a contoured shape that can be further enhanced with exercise, diet, and in-office body treatments, such as Coolsculpting or truSculpt iD radiofrequency skin tightening.


How does Dr. Emer do Hi-Definition Liposculpture differently?

Fat Removal

Utilizing a state-of-the-art, water-assisted Body-Jet fat removal system, Dr. Emer masterfully detaches fat cells from connective tissue and separates tissue from the muscles to reduce bruising and swelling. A key advantage of the Body-Jet water-assisted system is the ability to control how much fluid is used at any given time, allowing Dr. Emer to limit the amount of fluid injected when treating localized areas; water-assisted liposuction is also preferred for Lipedema patients as well as for leg / calf / ankle contouring because it is a gentler approach that protects the lymphatic vessels from long-term swelling or bruising following the procedure.


Dr. Emer then uses VASERlipo, an ultrasound-based system that uses ultrasonic cavitation to deliver acoustic energy beneath the skin, disrupt and dislodge clusters of intact fat cells, and provide simultaneous definition and sculpting enhancements. Unlike only energy-based liposuction devices, ultrasonic liposuction causes stem heat under the surface of the skin to further enhance sculpting and obtain increased skin tightening; it also allows for the improvement and softening of scar tissue or irregularities from previous procedures. Next, either by hand or through power-assisted devices, Dr. Emer is able to remove unwanted fat, which is then purified and harvested so that it can be reused to sculpt, define and volumize targeted areas.

While many practices currently use SmartLipo or other laser-based liposuction devices, these techniques are now outdated and are not as effective in the disruption and removal of fat cells. Laser-based liposuction damages fat cells so they cannot be used for harvesting, grafting, or contouring. Additionally, the laser lipo skin tightening effect is minimal compared to other energy-based treatments, such as Renuvion or InMode BodyTite, which are now considered the gold standard of internal heating treatments when combined with VASERlipo.


Fat Grafting

Extracted fat is purified through Puregraft microfiltration, thereby removing any contaminants, oil, debris, and blood. Dr. Emer then enriches the fat with stem cells (such as A-cell), growth factors, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) derived from the patient’s own blood. Once purified and enriched, the fat can be used throughout the body to lift, shape, add volume and definition, provide additional contour, and refill and camouflage indentations and irregularities (as needed) from previous botched procedures. Fat and stem cells can also be harvested and stored for future use, when joint, wellness, anti-aging, and longevity procedures are required.

Fat grafting is typically used in combination with Sculptra injections to ensure long-term improvement and to provide additional volume and definition. Purified fat has numerous uses, including:

The purified fat can even be filtered down to a specialized “nanofat” to treat thinner skin; to reduce hand veins and cellulite; to improve dimples and wrinkles in the face, neck, and chest; and to address smaller areas of the body, including the eyelids, eyebrows and forehead.

Sculpting & Etching

Prior to Hi-Definition Liposculpture, Dr. Emer uses pre-op markings to identify his patients’ underlying muscles, create a roadmap for the procedure, and sketch out the ultimate result and contour/shape the patient is hoping for. Through advanced ultrasound technology and his unparalleled sculpting and etching expertise, Dr. Emer is able to remove the layer of fat that disguises those underlying musculature, create lines, and chisel out six-pack abs, pecs, lats, obliques, and buttocks. The result is a toned, athletic appearance that is not obtainable through dieting and exercise alone.

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Non-Surgical Treatments

A pioneer in patient-tailored combination treatments, Dr. Emer performs Hi-Definition Liposculpture in conjunction with an array of advanced medical technologies that can improve final outcomes by tightening the skin and improving contour, cellulite, and mild sagging.

  • Renuvion (formerly J-Plasma) utilizes RF plasma energy to heat and tighten loose skin internally while simultaneously delivering helium for an immediate cooling effect, thereby protecting the skin from burns or scars. This procedure can be performed on the face, body, and in hard-to-reach areas such as the buttock roll, knees, and back.
  • ThermiRF, InMode FaceTite, and InMode BodyTite deliver radiofrequency (RF) energy to heat the undersurface of the skin, prompting a “shrink wrap” skin tightening effect.
  • Cutera’s truSculpt iD also uses radiofrequency energy to deliver non-surgical, no-downtime fat reduction, toning, tightening and sculpting for the abdomen, upper arms and thighs.
  • In combination with Sculptra, fat injections and/or fillers like Bellafill, Cellfina can improve cellulite by cutting cellulite bands, disrupting any scars and tissue tugging on the skin, and fill out indentations and irregularities by improving volume in the area.

  • Following the procedure, Dr. Emer often uses VEC (a combination of Venus Legacy, Exilis Ultra and Cellutone) or VVZ (Venus Legacy, Vanquish, and ZWave) to accelerate the healing process. Radiofrequency technologies (including Venus Legacy, Vanquish, Exilis Ultra, and InMode Forma/ Contoura) and shockwave therapies (ZWave, Cellutone, and EVIVE) can limit complications such as fluid buildup (seroma) or blood buildup (hematoma); decrease the risk of scar tissue formation (fibrosis); and improve the ultimate outcome of the Hi-Definition Liposculpture procedure with long-term skin tightening and collagen production. Dr. Emer advises that his patients obtain radiofrequency and shockwave treatments twice per week for one month, once per week for the following month, and then once or twice per month indefinitely.
  • Dr. Emer’s “Fire & Ice” treatment, which includes Vanquish and CoolSculpting, uses radiofrequency heating (“fire”) and localized fat reduction with cold (“ice”) to obtain additional fat reduction and skin tightening. BTL Vanquish ME is a great non-surgical complement to any liposuction, liposculpture, or surgical procedure to obtain enhanced fat reduction results.
  • Kybella injections can provide further fat reduction in localized areas, such as the chin and neck, inner thigh, and buttock roll.

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Surgical Procedures

In concert with board-certified, expert plastic surgeons, Dr. Emer and his team accomplish complete body transformations, combining Hi-Definition Liposculpture with significant body modifications — including implants, lifts, and tucks (skin removal) — to achieve an even more enhanced, contoured, and sculpted body.

  • • SKIN REMOVAL: Skin removal may be necessary for thinner patients with soft, loose skin who are poor candidates for liposuction alone — or for those patients who have had significant weight loss / weight fluctuations and now have significant sagging or loose skin and are seeking definition and contour. Depending on each patient’s condition, skin removal surgery might be minimal (such as an arm pinch or Mini Tummy Tuck) or could involve a Revision Tummy Tuck, thigh lift, ¾ lift, or full body lift.

  • • CHEST RECONSTRUCTION: Men with gynecomastia (or “man boobs”) typically need a gland removal and nipple lift to create a muscular, athletic look in the chest area. This Chest Reconstruction procedure involves fat removal via small, barely noticeable incisions beneath the areola and in the armpit; skin and gland removal; surgical resection of the enlarged and painful breast glandular tissue; lifting the chest; and raising the nipple with minimal scarring.
  • • BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT / BUTTOCK IMPLANTS: For more significant improvements in size, shape and contour of the buttocks, Dr. Emer and his expert plastic surgeons will often perform a composite procedure: buttock implants complemented with natural fat grafting. A long-term solution tailored specifically to your anatomy and aesthetic goals, implants can dramatically improve symmetry, projection, roundness and volume of the buttocks. Following the procedure, fat grafting is injected into the desired areas for additional lifting and shaping, precision contouring, and cellulite improvement. Using internal and/or external radiofrequency energy devices, such as Renuvion and InMode BodyTite, Dr. Emer can provide contouring and shaping in the buttocks and skin tightening in the inner and outer thighs around the buttocks. Sculptra injections are also employed following the procedure to stimulate collagen production, improve shape, and reduce cellulite.
  • • ARM LIFT: Brachioplasty (or Arm Lift) is a surgical procedure that simultaneously reduces sagging skin on the arms, removes fat pockets, tightens and smooths the supportive tissue, and reshapes and contours the upper arm. In the hands of Dr. Jason Emer and his skilled plastic surgeons, surgical intervention is complemented by nonsurgical arm sculpting techniques, including Hi-Definition Liposculpture; internal “shrink wrap” RF skin tightening with ThermiRF and Renuvion; external RF skin tightening devices; non-invasive CoolSculpting fat reduction; and arm threading. In combination, these procedures can lift and tighten the arms and result in more contoured, athletic arms with a smaller incision and reduced downtime.
  • • THIGH LIFT: For patients with significant skin sagging in the inner or outer thigh, a Thighplasty (or Thigh Lift) can provide surgical skin removal and lifting, thereby reducing any skin laxity. For those with minimal loose skin in the inner thigh or buttock roll, only a small, hidden incision (tucked in the crease of the groin and buttock roll) may be necessary to tighten and lift the middle thigh and buttock crease. Using a “spiral lift” technique, Dr. Emer’s team provides long-term lifting, visible skin tightening, and wrinkle and cellulite reduction in a single treatment. In the case of more significant sagging through the full leg and knee, a longer incision down the inner thigh or around the upper thigh may be required; however, meticulous suturing, as well as a combination of fat removal and skin tightening procedures, can give the leg a newfound contour while limiting scarring. To ensure continued improvement after surgery, Thigh Lift patients typically follow a custom-tailored annual maintenance plan, including external, non-surgical RF and ultrasound skin tightening treatments as well as regular Sculptra injections to sustain collagen production.
  • • MUSCULAR IMPLANTS: To improve muscular definition and shape, Dr. Emer and his skilled plastic surgeons can create hi-definition contouring with chest / pectoral, shoulder, bicep, tricep, buttock, hip and calf implants. Expertise is required to select the proper shape and size of the implant and identify the perfect incision points to reduce scarring, minimize patient recovery time, and limit the risk of complications.


What is the downtime?

You can anticipate a more significant amount of downtime following Hi-Definition Liposculpture, body sculpting, and lifting as compared to traditional liposuction. While a weekend of downtime with compression is typical for most patients undergoing traditional tumescent, small-volume liposuction, the downtime for Hi-Definition Liposculpture is normally up to 2 weeks. If the procedure involves skin cutting, significant fat grafting, body lifting, or surgical implants, then the downtime is more likely to be 2 to 3 weeks.

In the first two weeks, patients will experience a great deal of drainage and leakage; this is a vital step in the process as lymphatic massage and fluid draining can help prevent infection, fluid buildup (seroma) and scar tissue formation, which are all potential occurrences in liposuction procedures.

Click here for our complete guide to Hi-Definition Liposculpture Aftercare to ensure the best outcome from your procedure.

You can also anticipate a considerable amount of swelling, which can last for weeks or even months following the procedure. Dr. Emer warns his patients that they will not see their final results for 6 to 12 months, so patience is key.

Is it painful?

Considering the extensive nature of the treatment, there is far less pain than one might anticipate. Patients often experience some pain in the first 24 to 72 hours. After the initial healing phase, there’s typically minimal pain that only requires post-operative compression and no medication. Dr. Emer provides his patients with a comprehensive medication and aftercare protocol to assist with pain management and to accelerate healing.

What are the potential risks?

As with any procedure of this magnitude, there are risks and complications to be aware of. Dr. Emer discusses all of the following with his patients in consultation prior to their procedures:

  • Bruising
  • Blood buildup (hematoma) with risk of infection
  • Fluid buildup (seroma) with risk of infection
  • Worsening cellulite
  • Loose-hanging skin
  • Skin burns or discoloration
  • Skin scarring
  • Irregularities
  • Unanticipated results that do not meet patient expectations

With Dr. Jason Emer, patients are in the care of a fellowship-trained, board-certified dermatologist and surgeon with meticulous technique and unmatched expertise — two essential ingredients to a safe and complication-free procedure.

The most effective means of reducing risk is determining if you are a good candidate for Hi-Definition Liposculpture in the first place. Following a formal evaluation, Dr. Emer can determine if this is in fact the best procedure for you and your goals.

Is Hi-Definition Liposculpture the best option for all men?

No, Hi-Definition Liposculpture is not for all men. One common misconception is that this is a weight loss procedure, but this is not the case. Hi-Definition Liposculpture is not for patients who are overweight or are in the midst of their weight loss journey.

Ideal candidates are athletic individuals with proper diet and exercise habits who have long-standing problem areas that need to be resolved, defined, and contoured. If a patient is not already athletic, it may not be possible to mold an athletic body. This specialized procedure is best for those men who wish to improve their appearance with minor fat removal and enhanced definition, sculpting and contouring techniques. For those who are not athletic, Dr. Emer can still slim the body and provide improved contour, which will become more evident after the patient begins training in the gym.

If weight loss is required prior to Hi-Definition Liposculpture, Dr. Emer’s personal trainers and various advanced weight loss techniques can assist with your preparation for surgery and further improve your outcome once the procedure is completed.

Additionally, if there is significant skin laxity prior to surgery, then it will need to be removed (e.g. tummy tuck or abdominoplasty for lower abdominal skin; arm lift or brachioplasty for loose arm skin; thigh lift or thighplasty; etc.).


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Is Hi-Definition Liposculpture expensive?

The cost of Hi-Definition Liposculpture is certainly more than traditional liposuction; this is due to the comprehensiveness of the procedure and the various techniques, tools and methodologies used to not only remove unwanted fat but also contour, sculpt, etch and enhance the entire body. Think of Hi-Definition Liposculpture as a long-term investment in your body. In the right hands, and with the right after care, this will be the last procedure of its kind that you should need — or the procedure that begins your journey to a newly transformed body.

I want to find out if I am a candidate for Hi-Definition Liposculpture!

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