Dr. Emer Helps Tik Toker Devastated by Botched Chemical Peel

When Tik Toker Neyo White scheduled a chemical peel at a spa in Georgia earlier this year, he expected the treatment to smooth and clarify his complexion. Instead, the procedure left White with severe pigmentation irregularities and burns across his face. White’s story took a positive turn when his situation came to the attention of Dr. Jason Emer, a renowned cosmetic dermatologist in Beverly Hills.

Victims of botched procedures travel from around the globe to seek Dr. Emer’s expertise to correct unwanted, and often devastating, treatment outcomes, as in White’s case. Dr. Emer has helped countless patients move forward with renewed confidence after a previous skin treatment or facial or body contouring procedure went wrong, and he knew he could help White. 

Dr. Emer invited White to his medical practice for treatment to soothe and heal the damaged skin, as well as to even out his skin tone. After a customized combination of skin rejuvenation treatments to encourage cellular regeneration, address pigmentation issues, hydrate the skin, and stimulate collagen production, White’s transformation under Dr. Emer’s care garnered media attention.

It is important to note that when cosmetic treatments are performed by an aesthetics expert and board-certified cosmetic dermatologist like Dr. Emer, complications are rare. However, with a less qualified provider, the risk of scarring, discoloration, asymmetry, and other irregularities is much higher. Choosing a knowledgeable, experienced provider is essential for your safety and for achieving the best possible outcome.

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