Patient Stories

Skin care and peels keep the skin cells turning over, exfoliating, so that the pores shrink, the sun damage lifts, and the wrinkles soften and tighten. Lightening or depigmentation peels are great for all skin types including darker skin types that have irregular areas of pigmentation, post-inflammatory marks from acne, burns, or cuts/scratches, or to prep your skin for lasers or other deep peels. They are an essential part to my treatment plan for those with darker skin tones who are at a higher risk for hyper-pigmentation from lasers, IPL, or peels or who are just prone to complexion issues like those with hispanic, African American, Indian, asian or mixed ethnic skin. Lightening peels work by blocking the pigmentation production cycle so now new pigmentation surfaces while also exfoliating at the same time to lift existing pigmentation, irregularities, or blemishes. Exfoliation of the surface layers occur in 10-14 days improving pigmentation, reducing pore size, and softening fine lines and wrinkles. This in-office procedure is combined with a post treatment at-home regimen to ensure safe and beautiful, long-lasting results. This can be repeated for even more benefit.