Patient Stories

Stephen is an active young male who eats healthy and exercises hard-core regularly, but despite a very active lifestyle and good eating habits, he just couldn’t reach his ideal sculpted and defined look. He also noticed some breast sagging and nipple projection and hardness over the past few years, for which he did some online research and determined he likely had gynecomastia (male gyno or man “boobs”). While looking at Instagram and Youtube he discovered the innovative VASER hi-definition full body liposuction procedure performed by Dr. Emer, in which fat is removed, the body is sculpted, male breasts, buttock, and arms are contoured, and fat is used to build muscular definition.

After his consultation with Dr. Emer, Stephen knew that he made the right choice and booked his life-changing procedure on the spot. In order to give Stephen the six-pack, defined arms, and squared-off chest he was looking for, Dr. Emer meticulously marked Stephen’s anatomy first to ensure the exact amount of fat needed to be removed and muscles defined to form natural-looking abs. Multiple energy-based devices were used, including water-assisted and ultrasound-assisted liposuction techniques for the most advanced fat extraction and harvesting. Then Dr. Emer tightened the skin internally with helium plasma radiofrequency, a novel treatment that has a “shrink-wrap” effect on the skin. The sub-dermal skin tightening enhances the definition that is achieved through fat removal to provide unparalleled contouring and a sculpted appearance.

Stephen’s harvested fat was purified using the most advanced purification system, PureGraft micro-filtration system, which removes all contaminants including blood, debris and oil to allow for the fat and stem cells with PRP to be injected into the areas where muscle volume will enhance the overall body sculpting transformation such as the chest, arms, and buttock. Stephens chest was squared-off and defined by removing the male breast glands that were causing him a puffy, projected look, and his sagging skin was lifted to give the most athletic and tight look possible.

The ultimate outcome is an amazing, life-changing body transformation. With continued diet and exercise, the sculpted and defined results will maintain life-long.