Patient Stories

Tracy is a very active 53-year-old wife, mother, and business owner who loves being outdoors. Unfortunately, years of beach-going and tanning resulted in the development of discoloration, wrinkles, early skin sagging and numerous skin cancers. Feeling self-conscious about her appearance, Tracy sought a non-surgical fix to get a dramatic improvement in one treatment, significantly reversing years of sun damage, deep wrinkles, fine lines, and tightening the skin around her eyes, mouth, and jawline.

Renuvion radio frequency helium plasma is the newest energy-based device for an extreme improvement in skin textural irregularities and discoloration, sun damage, and fine lines/wrinkles because it gives dramatic skin exfoliation and tightening in one treatment. This innovative treatment combines radio frequency energy with helium gas to allow for precision resurfacing at high energies, resulting in significant improvements in skin aging, without risk of injury or skin color changes if performed meticulously by an expert. Although there was a lengthy recovery time, Tracy was prepared and had no problems videotaping her experience and showing others how worthwhile the downtime really was to her end appearance. Her overall transformation was dramatic, taking off years from her appearance through sun damage reversal, skin tightening, and fine line/wrinkle improvement. She is thrilled with her results and not ashamed to show it; see her transformation here.