Max came to Dr. Emer with complaints of irregular skin texture, large pores, and skin discoloration. His complaints of indentations and abnormal texture was from years of previous acne that caused scarring. He wanted a more aggressive approach to start the initial improvement. Max had a complex case of textural irregularities that would require peels, energy-based treatments like lasers or radio frequency along with microneedling for surface improvement. However, his indentations or “atrophic” scarring would require manual procedures like TCA cross and needle or cannula subcision with fillers to help plump and lift the scars to an even surface.

Dr. Emer has pioneered the use of combination treatments to give dramatic initial improvement in acne scarring and those with textural issues like surface irregularities, indentations, dilated pores, cobblestoned or orange-peel type skin. The beginning of Max’s treatment plan was a lightning and exfoliation type peel called Cosmelan, which helped remove surface dead skin cells through a 10-14 day peeling process. This prepared his skin for a stronger laser procedure and give him an initial improvement in the texture, quality, and color of his skin. Stronger energy-based treatments like lasers have a higher risk of hyperpigmentation, so preparing the skin with topical skin care and lightening peels helps prevent any long-term skin issue slike pigmentation after treatment.

Following the skin prep Cosmelan peel, Dr. Emer used a combination approach to improve his skin quality Bellafill filler, a long-term, collagen-stimulating filler was used to plump Max’s indented scars and then CO2 laser resurfacing with microneedling and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to help to give significant deep heating and exfoliation for scar remodeling.

Dr. Emer is one of the only physicians to combine numerous modalities on the same day for a more significant outcome in a single treatment. As well, his customized treatment plans that prepare, treat, and maintain the skin are unmatched to any other physicians. See the noticeable improvement Max gets in just one treatment, which continues to improve with regular microneedling and PRP, laser, and peel treatments.