Seema had always lacked definition and projection of her chin, but was unsure of what to do to improve the look of this area of her face. She had investigated getting a facial implant to give the chin projection and to match her overall facial shape, but was nervous about surgery. She decided to try facial shaping with soft tissue fillers, to see if improvement in this area would give her the desired youthful, slender, and projected look she had been hoping for.

After meeting with Dr. Emer he explained that she needed facial balancing with fillers to give her face the right proportions for a natural look. Fillers were used on her lateral cheeks to give contour and lift to the upper face, while also used to project and build volume on the chin. Overall, upper face volumization and lower face projection was able to harmonize her face and make the bigger change in her chin less noticeable to others except herself. She was overwhelmed by the improvement from a short 15 minute, painless procedure in the office. She in this video how simple the treatment and astounding the result of filler injections to balance facial proportions of the cheek and chin in this beautiful young female.