This patient already had a beautiful, contoured face, but wanted a more defined, tight, and sculpted lower face and jawline to improve her facial profile. Even with strong, defined facial features, this patient was able to get the enhanced look she was going for with properly placed dermal fillers on her jawline and chin. Proper placement in this area helps to tighten the neck, elongate the look of the lower face making it appear more sculpted and heart-shaped, and defines a 90-degree angle on the back of the jaw that is more youthful and slender.

Fillers should help to harmonize the face by adding volume, lift, and definition in areas that need enhancement. As we age the lower-face begins to sag, the neck becomes loose, the jawline less defined, the chin recessed, and “jowls” begin to forms giving the face a tired and haggard look. Fillers can do more than just fill lines or soften wrinkles, they can be used to anatomically define and structure the face and give subtle, beautiful enhancements without an “overdone” or “unnatural” look.

See how Dr. Emer improves this patient’s self-esteem with proper placement of fillers on the bone and in the tissue of the lower face of this female patient. Using a cannula technique for the majority of the filling, Dr. Emer limits pain and swelling while being able to precisely contour a more feminine, symmetrical, and slender look.