Having acne as an adult can serve as an embarrassing hindrance in any man or woman’s life. It can make socializing difficult as it is a dermatologic issue that severely affects a person’s confidence and self-esteem. Our patient, Jillian, suffers from severe acne. No matter what she did, the development of her acne led her to rely on makeup. All Jillian wanted was to feel good about herself again. After discovering Dr. Jason Emer via social media, she immediately booked a consultation with him based on his cutting-edge multi-modality approach and the fantastic results that came from it. Upon consultation,  Dr. Emer prescribed a combination of oral Isotretinoin to calm down acne inflammation as well as to stop long-term acne production in addition to two gold-standard lasers: Clear + Brilliant and Aerolase.
After Jillian’s active acne calmed down as a result of the Isotretinoin, Dr. Emer began to use Clear and Brilliant laser to treat her acne scars. This low-energy/ low-density non-ablative laser delivers energy into the skin superficially. The laser pulses create millions of microscopic channels in the upper layers of the skin to improve texture, reduce fine lines, minimize pores, and replace dead or damaged tissue with healthier and brighter skin. This laser also encourages the profound remodeling of collagen.

Finally, as part of this combination acne treatment plan, Dr. Emer used Aerolase, an ablative laser treatment that has become a patient-favorite for skin resurfacing. A microsecond erbium laser used to specifically target the superficial layer of the skin to address scars, sun damage, wrinkles and pores to get aggressive exfoliation over 1-2 weeks depending on the settings used. 
Towards the end of her series of treatments over a few months, she had almost no scarring, no redness, and a vast improvement in her self-confidence. By month eight, she had no blemishes on her skin and was glowing from the inside out with happiness in her new, smooth and clear skin.