Dr. Emer has streamlined the laser tattoo removal process with the use of Perfluorodecalin (PFD) patches. Typical laser tattoo removal requires numerous treatments over a period of weeks to months to see visible improvements. It is extremely difficult to determine how many treatments will be needed to fully improve a tattoo. With each treatment there is swelling, scabbing and irritation that breaks apart the tattoo pigment and then slowly decreases the visible pigmentation. When the PFD patch is added to the laser treatment, the number of laser treatments needed for improvement is decreased and the downtime from the procedure is less. The PFD patch absorbs the gasses released when the laser energy hits the skin tattoo pigmentation so there is less swelling, scabbing and irritation post-procedure. The PFD patch also allows numerous passes of the laser energy to be employed during the same treatment (sometimes up to 3-4 passes). Overall, there is less blistering, downtime, and scabbing and treatments needed to get noticeable improvement.

See how Dr. Emer uses the PFD patch in concert with laser tattoo removal to give improved outcomes with less irritation.