Matthew, like many others, decided to change his lifestyle to improve his physical appearance. However, after losing over a hundred pounds and receiving a botched tummy tuck procedure from his previous surgeon, he noticed the development of pockets of stubborn fat and loose skin around his lower abdomen, sides, and chest—the overall loss of definition around his torso, back, abs, and buttock. Matthew didn’t feel confident in his skin and became hesitant to take his shirt off at places like the beach. To correct this  Dr. Jason Emer removed the problem areas of fat, reveal the underlying musculature, tighten the skin and do fat grafting to the buttock to give him a natural, athletic, and lifted buttock. To remove the excess skin due to the weight loss,  Dr. Emer’s plastic surgeon, performed a revision tummy tuck to correct Matthew’s previous tummy tuck to give his results an even more defined and tighter look. In addition to the tummy tuck, a nipple lift, gland removal, and finally was performed. Finally, the insertion of chest implants gave Matthew the squared-off, “Gladiator” chest appearance he wanted.