Monica has always had a curvy, athletic body. However, she was displeased from a previous and overdone liposuction procedure. Monica was left with irregularities, indentations, sagging, and even skin discoloration. To correct this, Dr. Jason Emer, the leading provider in both hi-def primary and revision liposculpture cases. Dr. Emer used Vaser Lipo in Combination with Power-Assisted Lipo, a specialized combination of fat removal to sculpt the body. As a part of the 360 HD lipo procedure, Dr. Emer then uses Renuvion, to tighten the skin and even out previous irregularities by internally heating it. Fat transfer to the buttocks to further even out indentations, shape the buttock, and improve cellulite. In addition to this, a board-certified plastic surgeon performed a tummy tuck to tighten the abdominal muscles and redrape the skin to give her a tighter, more athletic abdomen and waist. Overall, Monica achieved a full body transformation with a successful revision of her previous results.