John had years’ worth of sun damage and skin sagging that he wanted to improve. As someone who works in the medical industry himself, John knew that he could look and feel better and remove years from his appearance with numerous cosmetic treatments, but he was unsure of which procedure would give him a big improvement quickly. John had significant sun damage, deep wrinkles, and fine lines, as well as skin sagging especially around his eyes and mouth. John was open to a procedure that would give dramatic improvements in texture, color, and tone of his skin even if it had significant downtime, but wanted to do so without skin cutting surgery. Most laser or energy-based procedures are designed to limit downtime and complications, but only give small successive improvements, requiring numerous treatments in a series to get significant changes.

Renuvion radiofrequency helium plasma is the newest energy-based device for extreme improvement in skin textural irregularities and discoloration, sun damage, and fine lines/wrinkles because it gives dramatic skin exfoliation and tightening in one treatment. This innovative treatment combines radiofrequency energy with helium gas to allow for precision resurfacing at high energies, resulting in significant improvements in skin aging, without risk of injury or skin color changes if performed meticulously by an expert.

John was looking for a non-surgical option to significantly improve fine lines/wrinkles, erase discoloration, and improve sagging especially around his eyes, mouth, and jowls — he achieved much more than that. Although there was a lengthy recovery time, the results were life-changing, erasing years of sun damage and wrinkles, tightening and lifting his eyelids, and contouring his jawline by shrinking his jowls. See how thrilled John is with his new, youthful, more even-toned appearance.