Jenny had some imperfections on the bridge of her nose and some drooping of the nasal tip. She was looking for an alternative to surgery that could refine the shape and contour of her nose with minimal downtime and risk. With meticulous placement, soft tissue fillers can be used to camouflage indentations, bumps and irregularities; lift and shape the nasal tip; and improve lines and wrinkles on the nose and forehead. See how quickly the treatment is performed, with almost no pain or swelling, and the immediate improvement in both symmetry and shape of the nose making the patient instantly gratified.

Nasal injection of fillers has some inherent risks, as needle injections into the nose can compromise the blood supply and put the nasal skin at risk for damage. Dr. Emer has perfected the use of fillers using a cannula, a blunt-ended injection instrument that helps to limit irritation or damage to blood vessels and nerves. Additionally, the nasal tip can be lifted and shaped without pain or swelling as the cannula can migrate through the nasal cartilages with minimal blood vessel disruption.

See how simple and fine-tuned the procedure is and Jenny’s reaction to her instantaneous more beautiful symmetrical, smooth, and lifted nose.