Every man wants a stronger and stiffer erection and the ability to enhance their orgasm through improved arousal. Till now, no non-surgical treatment has been able to offer men the ability to improve sexual satisfaction. This patient learned about platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment for penile rejuvenation while doing research on improving arousal, making erectors harder and stronger, prolonging sexual activity time, and enhancing orgasm. PRP is considered “liquid gold,” as it is your own bodies natural growth factors and stem cells, that when injected into tissue help remodel, restore, repair, improve and enhance cellular function. When injected into the penis in a series of monthly treatments, it helps to heighten levels of arousal by providing a harder, fuller erection and longer, more enhanced orgasms through blood vessel growth and dilation as well as improve cellular function of pre-existing cells.

During treatment, the PRP engorges the tissue, as it is injected into the penis. This stimulates growth and tissue repair, and improves function by increasing blood flow, stimulating new blood vessel and nerve growth, and improving cellular function. It is often combined with vibrational or shock wave therapy (ex EVIVE, Z Wave, Cellutone) to stimulate the PRP to immediately activate and stimulate pathways in the penis to improve function and stimulate cellular turnover, repair and growth of blood vessels and nerves. See how this patient transformed his sex life and self-confidence through this simple, pain-free procedure with minimal downtime.