Rhiyen, like many other men his age, had begun to notice dark circles and deep “hollows” under his eyes, which have been giving him a tired and fatigued look. In the industry he works in, it is imperative that you look your absolute best and Rhiyen understood the importance of this matter. After being referred to Dr. Emer by a friend, he immediately looked him up on social media. He noticed and appreciated Dr. Emer’s meticulousness, attentiveness to detail, and unmatched technique and results. After Dr. Emer assessed Rhiyen’s bone structure and areas of concern during a consultation, they were able to cultivate a custom-tailored treatment plan that works to meet Rhiyen’s aesthetic goals and beyond effectively. Since Rhiyen is an athletic patient, his commitment to exercise had resulted in facial volume loss, which contributed to his case of under-eye hollowing in addition to the toll that the natural aging process had begun to take on his face. To efficiently tackle this issue, Dr. Emer used a holistic approach where he considered all aspects of Rhiyen’s face from the appearance of his skin down to his bone structure.  Dr. Emer first strategically established a foundation for the under-eye filler by injecting Juvederm Voluma to lift and add support to his midface, which was rather low due to his natural bone structure. Once that foundation was established, he softened the lines that formed around his under eyes by slowly and meticulously injecting Juvederm Volbella. Like this, not only had his under-eye hollowing corrected but had also achieved more optimal facial symmetry and structure, which all combined harmoniously to give him a refreshed and invigorated appearance. Now, he can not only take on whatever challenges his day presents but can also physically look ready as ever.