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Even with vigorous exercise, getting a sculpted and voluminous butt can be nearly impossible without surgery. Through a Brazilian butt lift with Dr. Emer, you can achieve the perfect backside you’ve always wanted – one that gives you a more athletic look and boosts your confidence.

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You don’t have to live with a flat and flabby butt that appears out of shape and doesn’t reflect your healthy, active and social lifestyle. The perfect butt can be yours – you just have to go for it. A Brazilian butt lift with Dr. Emer in Beverly Hills, one of the nation’s leading body sculpting authorities, can give you a butt that:

  • Has more shape and volume
  • Looks way better in jeans
  • Is larger, firmer and more proportionate to your body
  • Creates a more sensual physiqe


After completing an internship at Saint Joseph Hospital in Chicago, followed by a prestigious fellowship in dermatopharmacology at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, Dr. Emer was ready to begin his transcendent work in cutting edge body sculpting. He has redefined the liposuction realm, creating amazing results on par with great works of art, and is the force behind many of Hollywood’s most beautiful celebrities and well-known personalities.

When it comes to the Brazillian butt lift, Dr. Emer is known for his expertise and ingenuity with liposuction and fat transfer techniques.


Procedure Details

Performed in Dr. Emer’s relaxing and state-of-the-art West Hollywood office, Brazilian butt lift is done under local anesthesia, which means you’ll be awake and comfortable the entire time. To complete your procedure and create the sculpted butt you’ve always wanted, Dr. Emer will perform the following three steps:

Remove the fat. Your Brazilian butt lift will begin with Dr. Emer performing tumescent liposuction to remove excess fat from another area on your body, like the abdomen, thighs or back.

Purify the fat cells. Once the necessary amount of fat has been collected, Dr. Emer will separate and purify the fat cells, preserving the cleansed and undamaged ones for the transfer.

Re-injecting the fat into your buttocks. The final step involves re-injecting the purified fat into the target areas on your butt to sculpt your ideal, firm and masculine backside.

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Dr. Jason Emer is LA’s very own cosmetics dermatologist very BEST. He is treating me for hyperpigmentation, possible neck lift and HD lipo in the near future. He is truly a master artist of Beauty: Botox, fillers, and SKIN improvement. He has a great staff. From his call center to Justin N. his sale rep is personable, caring and knowledgeable have great customer service skills. I’ve gotten a couple amazing facial from his esthetician, Amazing! He only carries the very best skincare products. My favorite from his beauty bar are The EMK Beverly Hills Rescue Serum and Alpha Mask, my fav. Oh did I mention his brand new state of the art office, never seen anything like it. Dr. Emer and his team of Doctor and Staff are the very best. Can’t wait for my next treatment.

– CB

Dr. Emer and his staff are amazing and very considerate, with excellent bedside manners. Dr. Emer thoroughly went through the details of the procedure and told me exactly what to expect, so that I was at ease with getting the work done since it was my first time. I got a couple units of Botox for my forehead and brow wrinkles along with micro-needling and PRP and I love the results. I didn’t have any complications, but any question I had Dr. Emer personally answered them. I’m considering coming back for the Hi-Def six pack lipo since I’m a young guy and Dr. Emer really understand what I need and the look I’m going for, and after my first visit I really feel comfortable and trust him to do a good job on my body sculpting.

– VT

Awesome experience with Dr Emer! I loved seeing him and developing a long term plan for my skin and body! I had the pleasure of being one of the first in his new state of the art office! Such a fantastic experience from the time I booked my appointment on. I highly recommend Dr. Emer and his team!

– JP




A Brazilian butt lift is one of Dr. Emer’s most popular treatments because almost anyone can be a candidate for this all-natural procedure. As long as you are a healthy non-smoker who wants to sculpt a larger, tighter and more attractive butt, there’s a strong chance that a Brazilian butt lift is right for you.

To be sure, reach out today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Emer. He’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Brazilian butt lifts and help you determine if the procedure can accomplish your body goals.



After your Brazilian butt lift, you’ll need to take time off from work and follow some pretty specific guidelines during your recovery period. You’ll need to avoid sitting for long periods of time and sleeping on your back for about two weeks to avoid damaging the fat. In most cases, you’ll be able to return to work and your normal daily routine within two weeks, though Dr. Emer will provide you with more personalized guidance during your follow-up appointments.



To make sure you achieve the ideal outcome you deserve, your treatment doesn’t end once your Brazilian butt lift is complete. You’ll have an entirely customized post-op regimen designed to maintain your results and make sure you get the most out of your surgery.

To begin, you’ll receive a special compression garment designed to apply continuous pressure to the area so no irregularities form in the skin. Dr. Emer will then recommend post-op lymphatic massages, radiofrequency treatments, IV fusion and hyperbaric oxygen. These treatments, coupled with a fitness regimen of pilates, yoga and personal training, will make sure you get and keep the ultimate results from your Brazilian butt lift.

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