Muscle Implant Surgery

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If you have been going to the gym regularly and eating right but aren’t getting the chiseled, muscular results you were hoping for, then muscle implants might be right for you. Muscle implants require meticulous planning and patient-specific customization.

A skilled and experienced medical professional is critical to ensuring a safe procedure with outstanding results. World-renowned board-certified dermatologist and body contouring expert, Dr. Jason Emer works with a team of top Beverly Hills plastic surgeons who can help you achieve your personal and aesthetic goals with muscle implant surgery.

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Dr. Emer in Beverly Hills and his surgical team have ample experience with pectoral, shoulder, bicep, tricep, buttock, hip and calf implants and understand that the procedure varies slightly depending on the muscle: selecting the ideal shape of the implant, selecting the proper size of implant, and choosing the perfect incision points to reduce scarring.

Additionally, Dr. Emer and his skilled West Hollywood plastic surgeons employ certain proprietary techniques to reduce trauma in surgery, minimize patient recovery time, and limit the risk of complications.

What Are Muscle Implants?

Muscle implants are used to shape or enlarge the appearance of muscles in areas such as the arms, legs, buttocks, and chest. Muscle implants are made of a specialized silicone gel that is designed to mimic the look of muscle tissue.

Natural-looking enhancement with muscle implants requires a high degree of customization. Dr. Emer and his skilled plastic surgeons can help you design the ideal muscle implants for your aesthetic goals.

Dr. Emer and his surgical team have ample experience with pectoral, shoulder, bicep, tricep, buttock, hip, and calf implants and understand that the procedure varies depending on the muscle. From selecting the optimal shape of the implant, selecting the proper size of implant, and choosing the perfect incision points, our expert team can deliver the transformative results you deserve.

Proper placement of the implant is also important for aesthetic results. Based on your anatomy and treatment goals, Dr. Emer and his team will determine the best location for your muscle implants. Muscle implants can be placed submuscularly (within the muscle) or subfascially (just under the membrane known as fascia that covers the muscle).

Right for you?

Am I a Candidate for Muscle Implants?

Dr. Emer can determine if muscle implants are right for you by assessing your cosmetic concerns and learning about your medical history. You may be a candidate for muscle implant surgery if:

  • You have underdeveloped pecs, shoulders, biceps, triceps, buttocks, hips, or calf muscles and despite your best efforts at the gym, you are still unhappy with your appearance.
  • You suffer from asymmetry in the body due to birth defects or injury.
  • You are in excellent health, physically and emotionally.
  • You are free from any major medical conditions that might interfere with treatment.
  • You do not smoke.
  • You are willing to follow the doctor’s pre-and post-operative instructions.
  • You have a positive, realistic outlook on your surgery.


Benefits of Muscle Implant Surgery

Muscle implants provide many benefits. As a result of muscle implant surgery, Dr. Emer’s patients enjoy:

  • A sculpted, chiseled physique without a million hours at the gym
  • Youthful, well-defined contours
  • Better proportions
  • Long-lasting results
  • Enhanced satisfaction with one’s image
  • Improvement in wardrobe options

The Dr. Emer Difference

How Does Dr. Emer Do Muscle Implants Differently?

Dr. Emer is a pioneer of innovative, combination treatments that address your cosmetic concerns holistically. He carefully plans each muscle implant procedure to ensure stunning, natural-looking results.

Dr. Emer often includes muscle implants as part of his 360 HD liposculpture treatments. 360 HD lipo can combine precise, targeted fat removal with fat grafting, skin tightening, and muscle implants to deliver an incredibly athletic, sculpted physique that you could never achieve in the gym.

Additionally, Dr. Emer and his skilled West Hollywood plastic surgeons employ certain proprietary techniques to reduce trauma in surgery. With their expertise, care, and skill, Dr. Emer and his team can minimize patient recovery time, limit the risk of complications, and help you get the definition and contours you’ve always wanted.

Patient Stories


Jason and his team couldn’t have provided a better experience. From the front desk to the actually procedure, I felt completely taken care of. I am so happy with the results, Jason knew exactly what I needed and took great care of me. I trust him and his team and am grateful for their care.

– G

My experience with Dr.Emer was great! He answered all the questions I had. Went into detail on how we can achieve the body I want! His staff made need feel welcome, and we’re very professional. Can’t wait!

I have experienced virtual consults/discussions regarding skincare products, education and recommendations. Dr. Emer’s staff are very professional and knowledgeable regarding their products as well. Overall I appreciate the attention, warmth and humor Dr. Jason Emer brings to each interaction, consult and discussion regarding treatments, procedures or concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Emer and the services they provide.


What to Expect

Muscle Implant Surgery

Once you and Dr. Emer’s plastic surgeons have finalized your muscle implant design and have planned your procedure, you will be able to schedule your muscle implant surgery. Our team will discuss how to best prepare for your recovery, including arranging transportation to and from your procedure.

Muscle implant surgery is performed in an operating room. Depending on which muscles are being enhanced and whether you are having multiple muscle groups augmented, the procedure can take two to four hours.

To start, the treatment site will be shaved, if needed. You will then be given anesthesia to ensure your comfort during the procedure.

Next, the plastic surgeon will make the necessary incisions. The silicone muscle implant will be inserted through the incisions. Once the plastic surgeon has placed the implant, he or she will close the incisions.

What to Expect

After Muscle Implant Surgery

Dr. Emer will provide personalized aftercare instructions based on your specific muscle implant surgery. These instructions will include information on prescribed medications, physical activity restrictions, and how to care for your incision sites.

Some discomfort is normal after muscle implant surgery. Bruising and swelling are common in the first days after your procedure. Dr. Emer may recommend compression garments to reduce swelling and encourage optimal results.

Resting, staying hydrated, and eating a healthy diet can help support healing. Once Dr. Emer approves it, light activities such as taking a short walk can be helpful to reduce swelling.

Most patients can resume many of their normal activities after about two weeks. Strenuous activities and intense workouts should be avoided for a month or more, as advised by Dr. Emer.

Muscle Implant Surgery Results

Muscle implants can provide long-term improvements to your physique. Dr. Emer and his plastic surgeons only use solid silicone gel implants for muscular enhancement. This type of implant is very stable and will typically not require replacement.

How Much Do Muscle Implants Cost?

The type of muscle implant, placement technique used, and whether you combine the surgery with complementary procedures will impact the overall price of muscle implant surgery. Once Dr. Emer and his team have designed your implants and determined the best treatment approach, they will discuss all associated costs with you.

Schedule a Muscle Implant Consultation in West Hollywood

Dr. Emer and his plastic surgeons have helped many patients in Beverly Hills achieve their ideal physique with muscle implants. To find out if muscle implant surgery is right for you, contact our office to schedule a consultation.