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Non-surgical body contouring—one of board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer’s unique specialties—can achieve incredibly aesthetic results for many patients. However, some cosmetic concerns require a more intensive intervention, such as surgical body contouring. In these cases, Dr. Emer works with highly qualified and experienced board-certified plastic surgeons to provide the best surgical body contouring in Beverly Hills.

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As opposed to non-surgical body contouring—one of Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Emer’s unique specialties—surgical body contouring typically involves a more advanced or complex procedure, either due to major weight loss, significant skin laxity, botched procedures or irregularities. Surgical body contouring can achieve more dramatic and longer-lasting results than non-surgical body sculpting methods but has a more significant recovery period than non-surgical treatments.

Assisted by his skilled team of West Hollywood plastic surgeons, Dr. Emer begins the procedure with water-assisted and ultrasound-assisted hi-definition liposuction to remove and harvest excess fat while beginning to sculpt, shape and contour the body’s new, smaller shape.

Based on each patient’s assessment and individual needs, surgical body contouring may or may not include a face or neck lift, breast lift or augmentation, tummy tuck, lower body lift, thigh lift, arm lift, and/or skin removal. Dr. Emer often complements these surgical procedures with minimally and non-invasive energy-based treatments to improve the results achieved in surgery. Surgical body contouring is a long-term process with a critical, custom-tailored treatment plan to obtain a new and improved, contoured, and harmonious appearance.

Surgical body contouring is often recommended for patients whose desired outcome cannot be achieved with less invasive procedures. Surgical body contouring may be needed to restore and enhance your ideal figure if you have:

  • Undergone major weight loss
  • Considerable irregularities or asymmetry
  • Significant skin laxity and/or hanging, excess skin
  • Undesirable results from a previous botched procedure


Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer in Beverly Hills and our veteran staff employ their extensive experience and vast scientific knowledge to create customized blends that incorporate fillers, neuromodulators, and beneficial ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins, and plumpers.

Right for you?

Am I a Good Candidate for Surgical Contouring?

A private consultation with Dr. Emer is the best way to determine if you are a candidate for surgical body contouring. After evaluating your cosmetic concerns, reviewing your medical history, and learning about your aesthetic goals, Dr. Emer can determine if surgical, non-surgical, or a combination of surgical and non-surgical body contouring procedures is the best treatment approach for you.

You may be a candidate for surgical body contouring if:

  • You have sagging, excess skin after pregnancy or a massive weight loss.
  • You have stubborn fat deposits.
  • You cannot seem to build or define certain muscles despite your best efforts in the gym.
  • You are at or near your ideal weight.
  • You are healthy emotionally and physically.
  • You are free from any significant medical conditions.
  • You don’t smoke.
  • You are positive and realistic in your thinking regarding your goals for cosmetic surgery.
  • You are willing to follow the doctor’s instructions at every stage of your procedure.
  • You are looking for a long-lasting, sustainable solution for your body sculpting needs.


Dr. Emer and his team of plastic surgeons have helped countless patients in Beverly Hills achieve the shapely, defined physique they have always wanted with surgical body contouring. Some benefits commonly reported by Dr. Emer’s patients after cosmetic surgery for body sculpting include:

  • Procedure can be customized to target many areas at once
  • Greater comfort being in one’s skin
  • No more chaffing from excess fat or skin
  • Areas notoriously resistant to diet and exercise are finally reshaped
  • Safe, effective approach with conservative techniques
  • Minimal scarring
  • Long-lasting, sustainable outcome
  • Improved satisfaction with one’s body image
  • More clothing and wardrobe options

What Areas of the Body Can Be Contoured Through Cosmetic Surgery?

Dr. Emer and his team are experts in total-body transformations. Surgical body contouring can be performed to sculpt almost any problem area in the body. Cosmetic surgery is often an ideal solution for:

  • Low-hanging skin in the groin
  • Flabby thighs or buttocks
  • Redundant skin in the neck
  • Sagging jowls
  • Sagging upper arms
  • Sagging breasts and downward-facing nipples
  • Skin that droops down from the belly
  • Underdeveloped muscles in the arms, calves, chest, or buttocks

Which Cosmetic Surgery Is Right for Me?

To achieve the most aesthetic and harmonious physique possible for each patient, Dr. Emer and his skilled team of West Hollywood plastic surgeons create a highly customized treatment plan for each unique patient. Your personalized body contouring treatment plan will be designed with care and incredible attention to detail in order to deliver your desired results.

Based on each patient’s assessment and individual needs, one or more of the following surgical body contouring procedures may be recommended:

What to Expect During Body Contouring Surgery

The details of your procedure will be unique to you. Dr. Emer’s plastic surgeons will explain each step of your surgery to you prior to your procedure.

In general, surgical body contouring requires general anesthesia and is performed in an accredited surgical facility. Once the anesthesia has taken effect, the plastic surgeon can begin your surgery. You will be closely monitored throughout the surgery, and every effort will be made to minimize post-treatment discomfort and promote the most aesthetic results possible.

What to Expect After Surgical Body Contouring

When you choose Dr. Emer and his expert team for your body contouring needs, you can expect natural-looking and long-lasting improvements to your physique. However, some downtime and a significant recovery period should be expected before your new body contours achieve their final outcome.

Swelling, bruising, and tenderness are natural after cosmetic surgery. Depending on your specific treatment, compression garments may be needed to encourage optimal healing and secure your new contours while you recover. Dr. Emer and his team will provide medications and personalized recommendations for post-operative therapies as needed to keep you comfortable, support your body’s healing process, and achieve maximum improvements.

Surgical Body Contouring

The Dr. Emer Difference

While some of your body contouring needs may require surgical intervention, Dr. Emer helps many of his patients achieve comprehensive body contouring results by combining cosmetic surgery with non-surgical treatments. Dr. Emer also designs post-surgery protocols to help patients maintain their new, refined body contours long-term. To enhance your cosmetic surgery results, Dr. Emer may recommend:

Hi-definition liposuction

Fat removal with hi-definition (HD) liposuction can be an ideal complement to surgical body contouring. With HD lipo, Dr. Emer can target your most stubborn pockets of unwanted fat, refine your shape, and improve definition throughout the body. Dr. Emer begins the procedure with water-assisted and ultrasound-assisted liposuction methods to remove and harvest excess fat while beginning to sculpt, shape, and contour the body’s new shape.

Fat transfer

Fat harvested during your hi-definition lipo procedure can be purified, enriched, and made into injections that Dr. Emer can use to add volume and optimize cosmetic surgery results. Fat transfer is often used in conjunction with breast implants to ensure natural-looking results. Fat injections can also be used to improve muscle definition and enhance curves.

Internal heating devices

Devices like Renuvion and InMode BodyTite deliver heat to internal tissues to tighten the skin, boost collagen production, and refine body contours.

External energy devices

Dr. Emer often complements surgical procedures with non-invasive energy-based treatments to improve the results achieved in surgery. Regular treatments with non-invasive radiofrequency or ultrasound energy devices can help you maintain firm skin and youthful contours after cosmetic surgery.

How Much Does Surgical Body Contouring Cost?

The cost of surgical body contouring depends on the specific details of your procedure. Many patients choose to combine multiple body contouring procedures into one surgery with one recovery period. Others pair surgical body contouring with non-surgical body sculpting treatments. Once your treatment plan has been developed, you will receive complete pricing information for your body contouring surgery.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are ready to achieve your ideal body contours, improve the proportions of your figure, and enjoy long-lasting results, contact our West Hollywood office today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Emer and his expert team look forward to developing your optimal treatment approach and answering all of your questions about surgical body contouring.

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