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Forehead wrinkles and drooping eyebrows are two of the most common cosmetic concerns among female patients of board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer. For many female patients in Beverly Hills, a brow lift for women is the most effective treatment option for these conditions.

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What Is a Brow Lift for Women?

A brow lift, or forehead lift, for women is a type of facial plastic surgery that aims to restore a youthful brow position, minimize forehead lines and creases, and refresh the appearance of the upper face. This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and provides long-lasting improvements.

Right for you?

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Female Brow Lift?

Candidates for a female brow lift have one or more cosmetic concerns in the forehead area. You may be a candidate for a forehead lift if your reasons for treatment involve:

  • Correcting asymmetrical eyebrows
  • Elevating a naturally low brow line
  • Resolving age-related drooping of the brow
  • Reducing the appearance of horizontal and/or vertical forehead lines

Women of many ages can be candidates for this surgery. Younger patients can often accomplish their brow rejuvenation goals with non-surgical interventions, so the majority of women who undergo a forehead lift are over the age of 40. However, the aging process affects each woman differently, and a brow lift can be an ideal treatment for women under the age of 40 as well.

In recent years, We have seen a higher number of younger women seeking brow lift surgery. These women are often patients who want a more permanent solution than cosmetic injectables can provide and/or patients who desire specific eyebrow contours in order to achieve a more feminine facial appearance.

Patients with certain medical conditions may not be suitable candidates for facial plastic surgery. Make sure to provide us with your complete medical history, so we can determine if a brow lift is a safe treatment for you.

Procedure Details

How Does a Brow Lift for Women Work?

The forehead lift procedure begins with the administration of anesthesia. We will then make the necessary incisions. The number of incisions and the incision locations will depend on your unique anatomy and treatment goals.

The incisions allow us to access and modify the underlying tissue. We will also reposition the skin to create a more rejuvenated look. To complete the procedure, we will use sutures to secure the new brow position and to close the incisions.

Procedure Details

Which Brow Lift Technique Is Right for Me?

We are trained and experienced in the latest brow lift techniques. When planning a patient’s surgery, we consider the position of the hairline, the height of the forehead, and many other factors.

Brow lifts for women often require an endoscopic technique or a temporal technique:

Endoscopic browlift for women

When a patient desires a subtle, yet noticeable lift in the upper face with minimal downtime, the endoscopic technique can be ideal.

Temporal browlift for women

If we determine that lifting just the outer part of the eyebrows will brighten and refresh the eye area, as well as rejuvenate the forehead, we will use the temporal brow lift technique. This approach is often preferable for women who desire a “cat eye” effect.

We will discuss your treatment options with you during your consultation. You will also be able to view before and after photos of previous female brow lift patients, so you have a good understanding of what is possible with the various techniques.

What to Expect

Female Brow Lift Results

You will notice a more youthful brow position right away, though it will take two to three weeks for swelling and bruising to diminish. At that point, the brows will have settled near their intended position.

Final results can be expected after about six months. Brow lift outcomes can last as long as ten years. With proper sun protection and periodic non-surgical cosmetic treatments to boost collagen production, you can extend your enhanced look even longer.


How Long Does it Take to Recover From a Browlift?

The initial recovery phase involves one to two weeks of downtime. Swelling and bruising are normal during this time. Over-the-counter medications generally work to relieve discomfort, though we can prescribe pain medication if needed.

After two to three weeks, visible swelling and bruising will have subsided. Many women choose to re-engage in their social lives at this time. Strenuous activities should not be resumed until approved by us.

The healing process will continue for several months. Continued improvements will occur until healing is complete.

Woman with beautifully arched eyebrows.

True Excellence

How We Provide the Best Brow Lift for Women in Beverly Hills

Achieving an aesthetic result with a female forehead lift procedure requires the expertise of a well-qualified facial plastic surgeon. We make extremely precise adjustments and take a conservative approach to brow lift procedures.

We understand how to create a classically feminine and visually pleasing brow shape that enhances the patient’s natural beauty. To ensure optimal results, we take care to evaluate the patient’s entire face rather than focusing on one area only.

We will often advise patients to combine brow lift surgery with a facelift, eyelid surgery, lip lift, or other procedure to create a balanced, harmonious final result. In some cases, patients can achieve comprehensive facial rejuvenation by pairing a forehead lift with non-surgical treatments.

Dr. Emer offers minimally invasive skin tightening, collagen stimulating, and facial sculpting procedures. These treatments can enhance the effect of a brow lift as well as help patients maintain their rejuvenated appearance.

What Is the Cost of a Female Brow Lift in Beverly Hills?

The price of a brow lift depends on the best surgical approach for your needs and whether you combine the procedure with additional treatments. After developing your personalized treatment plan, we will explain what to expect before, during, and after your procedure. Pricing details will also be provided.

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To learn more about how a brow lift can restore your most beautiful, feminine facial appearance, contact our office to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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