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A brow lift can rejuvenate the facial appearance by addressing signs of aging above the eyes. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Akshay Sanan and his skilled team deliver exceptional care and exemplary brow lift results for patients in Beverly Hills who want to eliminate forehead lines and revise drooping eyebrows.

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What Is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift, or forehead lift, is a cosmetic surgery that can restore elevated eyebrows and raised, defined arches, resulting in a more open, youthful look. As the natural aging process causes our collagen production to decline, wrinkles, creases, and drooping skin start to appear in the upper face. These changes can drastically alter our resting facial expression, causing us to look tired and upset.

A brow lift can reverse these effects by eliminating excess skin, gently lifting and reshaping the brows, and minimizing wrinkles. Under the care of Dr. Emer and his plastic surgeons, you can expect natural-looking, long-lasting improvements as a result of your forehead lift.

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Who Is a Good Candidate for a West Hollywood Brow Lift?

Candidates for brow lift surgery must be in good physical health and have realistic expectations for the treatment outcome. If you experience one or more of the following conditions, you may be a good candidate for a brow lift:

  • Sagging skin or fat that droops over the eyes
  • A facial expression that appears angry, tired, or sad because of your brows
  • Vertical creases (frown lines) between your eyebrows

Dr. Emer can determine your candidacy for a brow lift in a consultation. After speaking with you about your desired outcome, he will assess your facial structure and tissues to determine the best treatment approach for you. In some cases, patients concerned about signs of aging around the eyes may be better candidates for eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) or a combined brow lift and eyelid surgery.


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Procedure Details

What to Expect at Your Brow Lift Procedure

Dr. Sanan and his team are experienced at performing multiple types of brow lifts and will discuss your options for anesthesia and incision sites prior to your surgery. They will also provide customized pre-operative instructions.

At the start of your brow lift procedure, anesthesia will be administered. Next, an incision will be made. In many cases, the plastic surgeon can make discreet incisions hidden along the hairline. For patients suffering with a receding hairline, a forehead reduction or hairline-lowering brow lift may be a better option.

The plastic surgeon will then adjust the facial tissue and muscle to achieve a natural-looking lift of the brows. Brow lift procedures are occasionally performed in conjunction with corrugator muscle surgery. Corrugator muscle surgery involves the removal of the corrugator supercilii, which is the forehead muscle responsible for creating furrows or frown lines. Once the alterations are complete, the incisions are closed with sutures or skin adhesives.

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Can I Get a Brow Lift Without Surgery?

As a specialist in non-surgical facial sculpting, Dr. Emer can perform advanced, minimally invasive treatments to noticeably lift the brows and reduce forehead wrinkles. Non-surgical brow rejuvenation can be a great option for patients who have mild skin laxity and moderate lines and wrinkles in the upper face.

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Dr. Emer’s extensive knowledge of cosmetic dermatology and facial anatomy allow him to develop highly customized, precisely-targeted protocols for each of his patients. As an alternative or complement to brow surgery, he may recommend one or more of the following non-surgical treatments:


  • Injectable dermal fillers
  • Neuromodulator injections (Chemical Brow Lift)
  • Thread lifting with NovaThreads
  • Thermage radiofrequency skin tightening
  • Ultherapy ultrasound skin tightening

How Much Does a Brow Lift Cost?

The price of your brow lift will be determined by the complexity of the procedure and whether you combine the surgery with an eyelid lift or other cosmetic treatments. You will be given complete pricing information for your brow lift during your consultation.

Schedule a Brow Lift Consultation in West Hollywood

Dr. Emer and his team are dedicated to providing the safest and most effective treatment for each unique patient. To find out if you are a good candidate for a brow lift, contact our Beverly Hills practice to schedule a consultation. We look forward to being a part of your facial rejuvenation journey.

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