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Proportionate size, shape, and projection of the chin are fundamental to a balanced facial appearance. While some of us aren’t born with the perfect chin for our desired look, chin implants provide a long-term solution for creating more defined, aesthetic jawline contours.

Chin implant surgery should only be performed by providers who specialize in facial plastic surgery. We have helped many men and women achieve their jawline enhancement goals with chin implants in Beverly Hills.

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What Are Chin Implants?

Chin implant surgery is a popular method of augmenting and reshaping this foundational facial feature. Made of medical-grade silicone, these devices can be placed surgically to increase the size of the chin and sculpt a more attractive jawline. They are designed to fit snugly to the chin bone, and they have a real-feel that most cannot distinguish from that of a natural chin bone.

We regularly perform chin implants for patients who:

  • Feel their jawline and/or neck lacks definition
  • Want to increase the projection of a “weak” or recessed chin
  • Desire a more balanced and/or lengthened facial profile
  • Have unwanted fullness along the jawline or appear to have a “double chin” due to a small chin bone
  • Have an asymmetrical chin bone

Chin implants are available in many shapes and sizes to accommodate the facial anatomy and cosmetic goals of nearly any patient. While men and women often have similar concerns about their chin contours, their aesthetic goals differ greatly. Male candidates for chin implants typically pursue a more angular, square-shaped chin to strengthen the jawline and masculinize their look.

Women tend to want a softer jawline and a more pointed chin. Female patients often benefit from chin implants that subtly lengthen the face and work to make the face appear more heart-shaped.

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Candidacy for Chin Augmentation with Implants

Ideal candidates for this surgery desire a more proportionate chin that better complements their facial structure. Since chin implants come in so many different forms, this surgery can be performed to achieve a myriad of chin contouring improvements for men and women.

Candidates must have healthy jaw function and structure. If a patient’s jaw is misaligned or misshapen due to a congenital deformity or crooked teeth, orthognathic surgery may be necessary to reshape the chin and resolve functional issues.

Patients seeking a chin implant procedure should be free of medical conditions that inhibit the body’s wound-healing ability. It is best if candidates are non-smokers, but smokers who commit to a period of abstinence can be suitable candidates as well.

Young patients should not undergo this procedure, as they do not have a fully-developed facial skeletal structure. In most cases, the chin will arrive at its final, adult form when the patient is about 16 years. At that point, if the patient has cosmetic concerns about their chin, a consultation can be scheduled, so the patient’s candidacy can be assessed.

Patients who have experienced considerable bone loss in the lower face are typically not good candidates for chin implant surgery. Alternative jawline contouring treatment options will be discussed if a patient’s chin bone cannot support an implant.

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Benefits of Chin Implant Surgery

Patients are often astounded by the extent of improvement achieved by bringing the structure, projection, and shape of the chin into balance with the rest of the face. Patients who were self-conscious about having a large nose frequently find that their nose fits their face perfectly once the chin has the appropriate strength and projection to resolve the imbalance their small chin caused.

Patients often don’t realize how heavy their self-consciousness about their small chin weighed on them until they are free of it. It is common for chin implant patients to feel a surge of confidence and assuredness as a result of their enhanced look.

Additionally, chin implant surgery affords benefits like:

  • Short surgery time of one hour or less
  • Permanent augmentation
  • Well-hidden or undetectable incision line
  • Option to add volume laterally, vertically, and/or centrally

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What Happens During Chin Implant Surgery?


Chin implant surgery requires the use of local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. During your consultation, we will consider your medical history, personal preference, and whether you have chosen to combine your chin implant procedure with additional facial plastic surgeries to help you decide which option is best for you.


Once you are under the effect of the anesthesia, a small incision will be made, which serves as the access point for inserting the chin implant. The incision will be placed inside the mouth or under the chin, depending on your anatomy and the contours of your chin implant.


Before inserting the chin implant, we will gently create space within the tissue. We can then position the implant on the chin bone. Once the implant placement process is completed, the incision will be sutured closed.

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What to Expect After Chin Implant Surgery

You will be given detailed aftercare instructions. Adhering to the directions is key to expediting healing and an amazing outcome. Your recovery guidelines will be personalized to your needs, but in general, patients can plan to:

  • Take about seven days off work and/or away from their regular activities
  • Control swelling and discomfort with cold packs and/or pain relief medications
  • Sleep with their face up and head elevated for 7-14 days
  • Abstain from rigorous physical exertion for three to four weeks

If your incision was made inside your mouth, it may be necessary to follow a liquid diet for 24-48 hours after your surgery. You may also need to use an antiseptic oral rinse. These protective measures reduce the risk of disrupting your sutures and complicating the healing process.

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When Will I See My Chin Implant Results?

Chin implants immediately change the jawline contours. However, the shape of the chin will change over the next three to four weeks as the swelling subsides. At that point, your new chin contours will be apparent and quite close to what you can expect once the healing process is complete. Most patients arrive at their final results about 90 days after chin implant surgery.

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How Long Does a Chin Implant Last?

Silicone chin implants can provide life-long enhancement. They do not degrade or leak, so patients do not need to anticipate a replacement procedure to maintain their desired chin contours.

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Are there Non-Surgical Options for Chin Augmentation?

There are many non-surgical methods of contouring the chin and jawline, though results are not as long-lasting as with chin implant surgery. Dr. Emer frequently employs injectable cosmetic treatments to sculpt the chin and jawline. Some of his favorite injectable chin enhancement treatments include:

Hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers – HA filler injections can add volume to the chin and create smoother, firmer jawline contours. Thicker filler products from Belotero, Restylane, and Juvederm work well for augmenting facial features like the chin.

Sculptra – Sculptra is made of poly-L-lactic acid. In addition to subtle volume increases, Sculptra injections stimulate the production of collagen to keep skin firm, elastic, and youthful.

Kybella – Kybella is a unique cosmetic injectable that works to reduce volume rather than add it like fillers do. Instead, Kybella is designed to be injected into the stubborn fat that causes the appearance of a double chin. Its active ingredient, deoxycholic acid, destroys treated fat cells, which the body then expels. A series of injections can noticeably shrink a double chin to create sharper jawline contours.

Neuromodulators – Masseter reduction with Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau, or Xeomin can narrow the jawline and complement a proportionate chin. The masseter muscles are located at the back of the jaw and often become enlarged over time due to hyperactivity. Neuromodulators stop these muscles from contracting, allowing them to return to a more aesthetic size.

Patients whose jawline enhancement goals involve skin tightening and subtle tissue elevation in the lower face can often benefit from Thermage radiofrequency treatments or Ultherapy ultrasound treatments. Silhouette InstaLift thread lifting can be a great complement to energy-based skin rejuvenation as it provides visible short-term improvements and long-term boosts in collagen production.

Our Approach to Chin Implants

Customized care is especially crucial for patients seeking surgical chin enhancement. Since the chin contours are so integral to a balanced facial appearance, it is important that chin augmentation treatments account for a patient’s distinct facial contours.

We consider facial proportions from both a technical and artistic perspective to design a patient’s ideal facial enhancement treatment approach. We will take various measurements of the face and speak with the patient in-depth in order to understand his or her desired look. We use that information, for bringing out a patient’s unique, natural beauty to create the optimal chin contours for that individual.

Some patients can accomplish their aesthetic goals with a chin implant alone. In other cases, achieving the best possible outcome requires combining chin implant surgery with additional cosmetic surgeries, such as:

Neck contouring – Chin implant surgery is commonly combined with neck contouring treatments. While a chin implant helps to define the jawline, it may not completely resolve a full or “double” chin. Patients with considerable excess fat and/or loose skin under the chin and throughout the neck are often advised to pair chin augmentation with a neck lift, deep neck lift, and/or neck liposuction.

Rhinoplasty – We frequently pair chin implant surgery with rhinoplasty, or nose job surgery. Bringing these prominent facial features into balance can dramatically improve facial harmony.

Rhytidectomy – A deep plane facelift or mini facelift can restore youthful facial contours to enhance the results of your chin implant.

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✨My patient is in front of the camera all the time and did not like her side profile or her cheeks. She tried using fillers before to contour her face but was unhappy with the results and it was time for finessed facial sculpting. This combination approach will address all of her concerns using on small hidden incision under the chin

🎻 Finessed Neck Sculpting is the most powerful technique to tighten the neck muscles and sculpt the deep neck fat. No weight loss regimen, diet or non surgical treatment can accomplish this. Contact our office to schedule an appointment.

How Much Do Chin Implants Cost?

Several variables affect the price of chin implant surgery, including the specific implant, the surgical techniques we must use, the total procedure time, and anesthesia and facility fees. You will receive detailed information regarding the cost of your chin augmentation surgery during your consultation.

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