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Neck lift surgery can eliminate excess skin and fat to create a more aesthetic neckline, but not all neck lifts are alike. Cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer makes it a priority to offer his patients access to the latest, most effective treatment options, which, in terms of neck contouring, is a procedure known as a deep neck lift.

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What Is a Deep Neck Lift?

Deep neck lift surgery can address many common complaints that patients have with their neck contours. Though the traditional neck lift procedure can correct sagging tissue and provide skin tightening effects, it has limitations.

With a deep neck lift, we go beyond the superficial layers of tissue and into the muscles that create the underlying shape of the neck. Not only does this approach allow us to achieve an expanded range of cosmetic goals, but it supports longer-lasting, more natural-looking results.

A deep neck lift can:

  • Refine the shape of the neck
  • Reduce the fullness of the neck
  • Eliminate a double chin
  • Define the jawline
  • Minimize the appearance of platysma bands
  • Resolve skin laxity

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Who Is a Candidate for a Deep Neck Lift?

Candidates for a deep neck lift are typically seeking treatment for signs of aging in the neck, a lack of definition in the jawline area and under the chin, and/or prominent platysma muscles. Patients of many ages can benefit from a deep neck lift since it is not limited to resolving age-related issues but can also create a more aesthetic shape.

A deep neck lift can be ideal for patients concerned about a neck that appears full or heavy. A traditional neck lift does not affect deep fat deposits, so this approach is unlikely to produce a noticeably more defined neck. In contrast, the deep neck lift provides access to multiple layers of excess fat, which can be removed to sculpt a slimmer, more elegant neck shape.

You may not be a good candidate for a deep neck lift if you are in poor overall health, are taking certain medications, or have been diagnosed with a medical condition that compromises the body’s wound-healing processes. In these cases, a non-surgical neck rejuvenation treatment under the care of Dr. Emer may be a better option.

Procedure Details

Deep Neck Lift Procedure

Deep Neck Lift Procedure: What to Expect

Every deep neck lift is different in terms of the specific modifications to the muscles and tissue of the neck. However, the procedure always involves anesthesia, incisions, alterations, and sutures.

First, the patient is given anesthesia to prevent discomfort during the surgery. Next, the doctor will make strategic incisions, so the underlying muscles and tissue of the neck can be accessed. The incisions are made as discreet as possible to minimize post-treatment marks.

The doctor will then remove fat, adjust muscles, and/or tighten skin as needed to produce the patient’s desired results. Sutures are then placed internally and also to close the external incisions.

Due to the complexity of working with multiple layers of muscle and tissue, it may take three to four hours to complete a deep neck lift. You will be taken to an on-site recovery area immediately after your surgery. Here, our medical team will monitor you until the effects of the anesthesia subside, and you can safely return home.

A deep neck lift is an outpatient surgery, so you will be able to go home the same day as your procedure. However, you will need a friend or loved one to drive you.

What Is Deep Neck Lift Recovery Like?

A week or two of downtime is recommended after this procedure. It is best to have someone available to help you around the house during the initial days of your recovery.

Bruising and swelling are common in the first two weeks after this surgery. Discomfort during deep neck lift recovery can be managed with over-the-counter and/or prescription medications, as recommended by Dr. Sanan.

Light activities are generally approved after a week, but avoiding more strenuous exertion will continue to be important for another two to three weeks. It is essential that you adhere to all aftercare instructions provided by Dr. Sanan in order to support optimal healing and results.

Deep Neck Lift Results

The results of a deep neck lift tend to be more dramatic and longer-lasting than those of a traditional neck lift. Depending on the extent of your post-op swelling, you may notice improvements right away, or it may take a week or two to see your new neck contours.

Patients who follow a personalized anti-aging protocol created by Dr. Emer can significantly increase the longevity of their deep neck lift results. These protocols frequently involve advanced skincare products and regular non-surgical skin rejuvenation and collagen-boosting treatments. Protecting the neck from sun exposure and practicing healthy diet and exercise habits can also help you maintain your results long-term.

Procedure Details

How We Provide the Best Deep Neck Lift Results

A Consultation that Counts

A meaningful, in-depth consultation is central to exceptional deep neck lift outcomes. We have found that accurately envisioning a patient’s desired results is best accomplished through a relaxed surgeon-patient conversation. We take the time to get to know patients and to help them refine their vision of their ideal neck contours.

Combination Procedures for Next-Level Results

We have found that patients often fixate on treating signs of aging in the neck as the solution for revitalizing their appearance. However, natural-looking enhancement is rarely achieved by “spot-treating” a single problem area. For example, if a patient has drooping tissue in the midface and/or skin laxity and jowls in the lower face, a smooth, youthful neck will not look natural.

We consider the whole facial appearance along with the neck when counseling patients about their treatment options. Combination procedures are more a rule than an exception when it comes to rejuvenating the face or neck.
To ensure a harmonious end result, deep neck lift surgery can be combined with one or more of the following facial plastic surgeries:

  • Facelift or deep plane facelift
  • Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)
  • Brow lift

Non-surgical treatments may also be recommended to complement a deep neck lift. Dr. Emer can treat mild to moderate signs of aging throughout the face with:

  • Radiofrequency-based skin rejuvenation therapies
  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Thread lifting
  • Chemical peels
  • Dermal fillers
  • Neuromodulators

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How Much Does a Deep Neck Lift Cost?

The price of your deep neck lift procedure will be determined during your consultation once the details of your personalized treatment plan have been finalized. Factors that impact the overall cost of neck lift surgery include anesthesia and facility fees, the surgical techniques required, and the total surgery time.

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