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Many people consider cheek and chin dimples an attractive complement to a person’s smile and other facial expressions. Thanks to a minimal-downtime facial plastic surgery called dimpleplasty, or dimple creation, men and women of many ages can make these small indentations a permanent fixture of their facial appearance.

Double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Akshay Sanan frequently performs dimple creation in Beverly Hills. Whether you want a single cheek dimple, a pair of cheek dimples, or a chin dimple, Dr. Sanan can provide lasting and natural-appearing results with this procedure.

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What Is Dimple Creation?

Dimpleplasty, or dimple creation, is a facial plastic surgery procedure that allows patients to enhance their look with cheek or chin dimples. When performed by a skilled facial surgeon like Dr. Sanan, dimple creation surgery has a high patient satisfaction rate.

Dimples are small divots in the skin of the cheeks or chin. Smiling reveals these depressions, which are viewed by many as marks of facial beauty.

Cheek and chin dimples can be congenital, meaning the patient is born with them, or they can develop later in life. It’s even possible to have dimples as a child and have them become faint or disappear during adulthood.

Some patients who undergo this procedure have slight dimples already that they want to accentuate. Others do not have any existing indentation.

Right for you?

Who Is a Candidate for Dimple Creation?

Men and women who desire cheek or chin dimples can be candidates for this surgery if they:

  • Are physically healthy
  • Understand what can and cannot be accomplished with dimpleplasty
  • Are electing to have a dimple creation surgery for their own reasons rather than to try to meet someone else’s beauty ideals
  • Have carefully considered the risks and benefits of dimple creation surgery
  • Have adequate volume in the cheek or chin, as applicable
  • Have firm, elastic facial skin

Dr. Sanan will examine your facial structure and tissue during your consultation. If there is significant skin laxity, thinning skin, or lost facial volume, dimpleplasty may not be a suitable treatment. Additionally, it can be difficult to achieve well-defined, pronounced dimples for patients who have thicker facial skin and considerable fat in the treatment area.

Some patients who want a chin dimple may not be ideal candidates due to a lack of chin projection. If this is the case, a chin implant procedure may be a more suitable option. A chin implant with a groove can be surgically placed to not only create a dimpled chin but also to improve facial balance and define the jawline.

What Is the Best Dimple Position for Me?

There is not a simple answer to this question, since your face shape, the contours of your facial features, and your cosmetic goals are unique to you. Whether you have a clear idea of where you want your dimple(s) positioned or not, Dr. Sanan can assist you in selecting the ideal cheek or chin dimple placement for you as part of your consultation.

Some patients know where they want their dimples and can indicate the specific locations they have in mind. Others come into their consultation with pictures of celebrities, siblings, or friends whose dimples they find aesthetically desirable and ask Dr. Sanan to select the right dimple position for a similar look.

Dr. Sanan considers many anatomical factors when working with patients to select their dimple position. The location of blood vessels and nerves, along with other functional concerns like facial muscle movements, must be taken into account to minimize the possibility of complications and accomplish a natural look.

When asked to mark their preferred dimple position, it is common for candidates to identify suboptimal dimple positions. Often, candidates point to a dimple position that is precisely where there is a high concentration of nerves and/or blood vessels.

In many cases, a candidate’s first choice for dimple position is often outside of the margins in which dimples occur naturally, such as too high on the cheeks. An aesthetic cheek dimple position is generally in line, laterally, with the uppermost part of your lips’ cupid’s bow and located on the cheek where it would intersect with a vertical line extending straight down from the outer corner of the eye.

Dr. Sanan uses a variety of methods to help patients visualize the effect of a particular dimple position. He also offers in-depth information about the pros and cons of a patient’s proposed dimple location and works closely with patients to finalize a plan for dimple placement that achieves their cosmetic goals in the safest way possible.

Procedure Details

Dimple Creation Procedure: What to Expect

Dr. Sanan can perform dimple creation surgery in-office. On average, dimpleplasty is a 30-to-60-minute procedure. It is considered an outpatient procedure, and you’ll be able to return home within a short time after your surgery.

When you arrive for your procedure, Dr. Sanan will mark the planned dimple location(s). You will be able to look in the mirror, so you can adjust and/or confirm the placement of your new dimple(s). Once you are satisfied with the positioning, anesthesia will be administered.

Unless you are combining dimpleplasty with additional facial plastic surgeries, a local anesthetic can typically be used to prevent discomfort during the procedure. Once the anesthesia is active, Dr. Sanan will begin the surgery:

Cheek dimple surgery – Working from the inside of the mouth, Dr. Sanan will make a tiny incision in the cheek tissue. He will then excise a small amount of fat and muscle from the dermis. A sling-like suture will be used to tie the cheek muscle, called the buccinator muscle, to the outer layers of skin. This creates and secures the shape of your new dimple.

Chin dimple surgery – Chin dimple surgery requires an incision inside the lower lip followed by targeted removal of muscle and fat to form the indentation. Lastly, Dr. Sanan will use a suture to connect the muscle to the outer layers of skin.

As the incision heals, scar tissue will replace the suture, making the connection between the outer skin and the underlying muscle permanent.

Procedure Details

Dimple Creation Surgery Recovery

Dimple creation involves very little downtime. Many patients are back at work and/or to their normal routine after about 48 hours. Others prefer to spend a few extra days away from social situations until there are fewer visual indications that they had a cosmetic procedure.

Minor swelling and tenderness are common for a few days after dimpleplasty. Swelling causes the dimple(s) to remain visible whether you are smiling or not, but this is a temporary condition. Ice packs can be placed over the treatment sites, as directed by Dr. Sanan, to minimize swelling. Soreness can be easily managed with over-the-counter pain relief medications.

Until the incision sites inside the mouth heal, precautions must be taken to protect them from tension, pressure, and abrasions. A liquid diet is typically advised for the first day or so after dimple creation surgery. Cool or cold liquids are best, as hot liquids can exacerbate swelling. Soft foods can be reintroduced after about three days.

Steps must also be taken to reduce the risk of infection. It may be necessary to abstain from consuming milk products, due to their bacterial content, for a short time after your procedure.

Rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash twice daily, or as recommended by Dr. Sanan, is also necessary for promoting an expedient, efficient healing process. Based on your health, medical history, and procedure details, Dr. Sanan may prescribe an oral antibiotic to further reduce the likelihood of infection.

Procedure Details

Dimple Creation Results

Your new dimple(s) will be visible right away. As the area heals, the depth of the dimple will decrease until it reaches its intended, natural-looking final result.

While it may take several weeks for post-op swelling to completely subside, your new dimples will have settled considerably after a week or two. Subtle, ongoing changes can occur until the sites have fully healed. After healing is complete, Dr. Sanan’s patients find that their dimples look incredibly natural and only appear when they talk or smile.

Dimple creation results are permanent. However, it is important to note that weight fluctuations can affect the appearance of your dimples if there are notable increases or decreases in facial fat.

How We Provide the Best Dimple Creation in Beverly Hills

Dimple creation is less invasive and poses fewer challenges than many other facial plastic surgeries. However, it is quite intricate and involved in its own way and should only be performed by a surgeon who has demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy and proficiency in head and neck surgery techniques.

Dr. Sanan is a double board-certified surgeon who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries involving the head and neck. He is extensively educated in facial anatomy and exceptionally knowledgeable about the surgical considerations involved with safely and beautifully improving the face and neck contours.

Surgeons who lack these high-level qualifications may damage facial nerves, fail to achieve symmetry between cheek dimples, and/or produce an “overdone” outcome that detracts from, rather than enhances, the facial appearance. Inexperienced surgeons sometimes use less effective surgical techniques, as well, causing the dimple to become less and less pronounced over time until it disappears.

With his knowledge and his experience with advanced surgical techniques, Dr. Sanan can dramatically reduce the risk of unsatisfactory results and/or complications like visible scarring. Dr. Sanan is also able to take the necessary precautions to ensure that facial muscle movements and proper nerve functions are preserved.

How Much Does Dimple Creation Cost?

The price of your dimple creation surgery will be discussed with you after Dr. Sanan has designed your treatment plan. The patient’s facial structure, skin type, and various other factors impact the surgical techniques that Dr. Sanan must use. In general, the greater the complexity of the surgery, the higher the overall cost will be.

Schedule a Consultation for Dimple Creation in Beverly Hills

If you want to learn more about dimple creation surgery, contact our office today. The first step toward obtaining the dimples you have always wanted is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sanan, so you can find out if you are a candidate.

Prior to your consultation, you may want to gather some photos that depict the look you want to achieve, so you can accurately convey your treatment goals to Dr. Sanan. Patients are also encouraged to make a list of questions they have about the procedure, so they are sure to get all of the information they need to make an educated decision about undergoing dimple creation surgery.