Gender-Affirming Rhinoplasty

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The size and shape of the nose significantly impacts whether a person is perceived as feminine or masculine. Gender-affirming rhinoplasty reshapes the nose, so transgender patients can achieve a facial appearance that aligns with their inner sense of self.

At the medical practice of Dr. Jason Emer in Beverly Hills, gender-affirming rhinoplasty is performed by double board-certified facial plastic surgeon and rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. Akshay Sanan.

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What is Gender-Affirming Rhinoplasty?

Facial gender-affirming surgery is often important for transgender individuals to feel comfortable and confident in their bodies. Gender-affirming rhinoplasty, also known as gender-confirming rhinoplasty, is a type of cosmetic nose surgery that creates a more feminine or more masculine nose, depending on the patient’s aesthetic goals:

Feminizing rhinoplasty

Transgender patients transitioning from male-to-female (MTF) can undergo this procedure to reduce the size of the nose and achieve more feminine nasal contours.

Masculinizing rhinoplasty

Nose surgery is a common facial gender-affirming procedure for individuals transitioning from female-to-male (FTM). Dr. Sanan can create a more prominent, masculine nose shape by increasing the width of the bridge and altering the projection of the nose.

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Who Is a Candidate for Gender-Affirming Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Sanan performs gender-affirming rhinoplasty for FTM and MTF transgender patients. Candidates must be of sound mind and body with realistic expectations for the outcome of the treatment.

Dr. Sanan will thoroughly review your medical history and the medications you are taking in order to determine if rhinoplasty is a safe option for you. Patients with medical conditions that interfere with the body’s natural healing ability are generally not considered good candidates for facial plastic surgery.

Some patients may not be candidates for this surgery due to their age. Cosmetic nose surgery is not advised for patients whose nasal structure is still developing, so patients in their early teens or younger are not able to undergo this procedure.

Procedure Details

What Is the Gender-Affirming Rhinoplasty Treatment Process?


A consultation with Dr. Sanan is the first step. The consultation includes an examination of the head and neck with particular attention to the nasal structure and tissue.

Dr. Sanan will also review relevant medical and/or surgical records and ask some questions about your physical health. Additionally, Dr. Sanan will speak with you about your cosmetic goals and answer any questions you may have about rhinoplasty and/or additional gender-affirming surgeries.


At the start of your gender-affirming rhinoplasty, anesthesia will be administered. This medication will prevent discomfort during the surgery.

Dr. Sanan will then make the necessary incision(s) for your specific procedure. He uses an open rhinoplasty technique for gender-confirming nose surgery, which requires an external incision near the base of the tissue that separates the nostrils.

Dr. Sanan will then alter the nasal bone and cartilage as needed and redrape the skin to create a natural-looking final outcome. He will use sutures to secure your new nasal contours and to close the incision.


The recovery period after gender-confirming rhinoplasty will depend on the extent of your surgery and your body’s natural rate of healing. Most patients experience a week or two of tenderness, swelling, and bruising in the treatment area after the procedure. You will need to rest during this time. Plan for at least a week away from work and several weeks of limited activity.

It is crucial to avoid exposing the nose to excessive pressure or force as it heals. Intense physical exertion should also be avoided until approved by Dr. Sanan.

Gender-Affirming Rhinoplasty Results?

Two to three weeks after rhinoplasty surgery, the patient’s initial results will be apparent. Improvements will continue as internal swelling gradually decreases over the following months.

In most cases, final results can be expected after six to twelve months when the healing process is complete. Gender-affirming rhinoplasty permanently recontours the nose for long-lasting results.

Procedure Details

Our Approach to Gender-Affirming Rhinoplasty

Dr. Sanan is a rhinoplasty expert who understands the angles, proportions, and features associated with masculine and feminine nose contours. This knowledge, along with his advanced surgical skill, allows him to provide natural-looking results for both MTF and FTM transgender patients.


MTF rhinoplasty most often involves cutting and shaving the inner nasal structures to create a smaller nose. Dr. Sanan may also slightly lift the nasal tip and/or narrow the bridge of the nose to achieve a more delicate, feminine shape.

FTM Rhinoplasty

Augmenting the nose is usually the goal of FTM rhinoplasty. Cartilage grafting may be needed to build up the nasal structure and increase the size of the nose. If needed, Dr. Sanan can graft cartilage from the patient’s rib to increase the length and/or width of the nose.

How Much Does Gender-Affirming Rhinoplasty Cost?

The price of gender-confirming rhinoplasty differs from one patient to another based on the surgical techniques required to ensure the best possible outcome. Anesthesia and facility fees also factor into the overall cost of this surgery.

Learn More about Gender-Affirming Rhinoplasty

Dr. Sanan takes the utmost care to help transgender patients achieve a look that reflects their true identity. He is proud to be considered a top provider of gender-affirming rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills and to make exceptional, natural-looking results available to FTM and MTF patients. To learn more about this procedure, reach out today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Sanan.