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Keloids are an irregular formation of scar tissue. Though these protruding scars do not put a patient’s health at risk, many men and women are self-conscious about the way keloids look. Keloid treatments are necessary to improve the appearance of these scars, as they will not go away on their own.

Scar revision experts Dr. Jason Emer and Dr. Akshay Sanan offer multiple options for keloid treatment in Beverly Hills. They design a customized, targeted approach for each unique patient to ensure the best possible outcome.

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What Is a Keloid Scar?

A keloid is a type of scar characterized by raised and thick tissue growth. Unlike hypertrophic scars, which are also a type of elevated scar, keloid scars expand outside the boundaries of the original wound.

Depending on the patient’s skin color, keloids can be varying shades of brown, purple, or red. Skin affected by keloid scarring tends to be hairless and glossy-looking. The consistency of keloid scars ranges from malleable, to firm, or even hard.

Keloids can form anywhere on the body, but they are most often seen on the shoulders, mid-chest, cheeks, and earlobes. Even a minor injury to the skin, such as a bug bite or ingrown hair, can cause keloid scars in predisposed patients.

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Who Is a Candidate for Keloid Treatment?

Candidates for keloid treatment must be in good general health and willing to adhere to all pre-and post-treatment instructions. Patients who smoke must be prepared to abstain before, during, and after their procedure, as directed by Dr. Sanan or Dr. Emer.

Candidates must have an accurate understanding of what can and cannot be achieved with keloid treatments based on information given to them during their consultation with Dr. Sanan or Dr. Emer. Our doctors strive to provide the best keloid treatment in Beverly Hills, but there is no way to restore the skin to exactly the way it looked before the injury or to guarantee that a keloid does not return.

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Why Do I Have Keloids?

Keloid scars are a product of an exaggerated wound-healing response, in which the body does not stop producing collagen or forming scar tissue even after an injury has healed. Excessive collagen production eventually causes a protrusion from the original site of the wound, creating a keloid scar.

There is no definitive answer to why a particular person develops keloid scars and others do not. However, a few factors have been linked to higher risk for keloids, including:

  • Family history of keloids – Genetics seem to play a role in predisposing patients to keloids.
  • Personal history of keloids – Patients who develop a keloid after an injury will most likely develop keloids if injured in the future.
  • Skin color – Keloids are more prevalent among patients with darker skin tones.

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How Can I Get Rid of Keloids?

Like every type of scar, it is not possible to erase all evidence of a keloid. However, there are procedures that can make keloids much less noticeable. Laser treatments, steroid injections, and/or surgical removal can be remarkably effective keloid treatments when performed by qualified providers like Dr. Emer and Dr. Sanan.

Keloid scars must be treated differently than other kinds of scars. Since patients who have a keloid scar are prone to subsequent keloid scars, there is increased potential for treatment to worsen, rather than improve, the appearance of the scar.

Dr. Emer and Dr. Sanan carefully plan each patient’s treatment to reduce the risk of new keloid development. They also provide complete aftercare instructions, so patients can support the healing process and avoid compromising their results.

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Laser Skin Resurfacing for Keloids

With over 30 lasers to choose from, Dr. Emer can often provide minimally invasive keloid treatments using this approach. Laser devices emit concentrated beams of light energy that work to clear the outer layer of skin cells from the treatment site. It will take five to ten days for the area to heal, but no downtime is needed.

Laser skin resurfacing can be ideal for addressing discoloration and can also provide improvements in skin texture. Laser treatments can be paired with steroid injections to help prevent keloid recurrence.

Multiple laser treatment sessions may be recommended. Dr. Emer will determine the number of sessions needed to resolve your concerns based on your skin type, the severity of the keloid, and your aesthetic goals.

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Steroid Injections for Keloids

Steroid shots are frequently used in conjunction with surgical keloid removal and laser skin resurfacing, but these injections can also work as a stand-alone keloid treatment. Some keloids flatten, soften, and/or shrink considerably after a series of monthly corticosteroid injections into the scar tissue.

Steroid medications also provide relief from uncomfortable physical sensations like itching and burning, which are often associated with keloids.

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Keloid Removal Surgery

Dr. Sanan performs scar revision surgery for many types of scars on the face and neck, and the process is similar for keloid removal. First, the patient will be given anesthesia. Then, Dr. Sanan can surgically remove the excess tissue to flatten the scar.

He then uses advanced suturing techniques to close the skin. Layered sutures are often required to encourage optimal healing and minimize post-surgery marks.

Keloid scar removal recovery does not require downtime, but it is essential that you clean the treatment site as directed by Dr. Sanan. Patients can resume light to moderate activities right away and strenuous activities within two weeks.

You will have a scar after this procedure, but it will be flat and small compared to the keloid. Dr. Sanan typically performs steroid injections after keloid removal to reduce the risk of excess scar tissue growth.

How We Provide the Best Keloid Treatment in Beverly Hills

Our expertise and thorough planning are fundamental to our keloid treatments. We prioritize mitigating risks of recurrence and/or discoloration and achieving lasting aesthetic improvements.

Due to the complex nature of these scars, the importance of choosing a qualified provider for keloid treatment cannot be overstated. Dr. Emer is a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist who has extensive education, training, and practical experience in treating conditions that affect the health and/or appearance of the skin. He is a respected provider of scar revision procedures, including laser keloid scar treatments in Beverly Hills.

Dr. Sanan is double board-certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and head and neck surgery. He employs refined surgical techniques to efficiently and cleanly remove keloids from the face and neck, so natural facial features and muscle functions are preserved. He also uses a distinct wound-closure method to make post-surgery incision marks as inconspicuous as possible.

Dr. Emer and Dr. Sanan are known for maximizing treatment benefits by combining two or more keloid treatments. These strategic pairings are often necessary to arrive at an exceptional outcome. We give the treatment planning process the time and critical thought it warrants, so we can deliver the results you deserve.

How Much Does Keloid Treatment Cost?

Keloid treatments differ in price based on the specific procedure(s) required to revise the scar. Complete cost details for your keloid scar treatment will be determined and reviewed with you during your consultation.

Learn More about Keloid Treatment in Beverly Hills

While there is no singular keloid treatment that works for everyone, Dr. Emer and Dr. Sanan make it their mission to match each patient with the procedure(s) that can best accomplish his or her cosmetic goals. Schedule a consultation with us today, so you can find out more.