Temporal Brow Lift

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The temporal brow lift is an increasingly popular cosmetic surgery. This less invasive alternative to a classic brow lift is designed specifically to reshape and raise the outer brow area. We can achieve incredible results with this targeted, minimal downtime solution for droopy brows.

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What Is a Temporal Brow Lift?

A temporal brow lift is performed to elevate the outer portion of the brow, correct hooded eyelids, and smooth wrinkles in the temple area. This procedure is also known as a limited incision brow lift or a lateral brow lift. It is frequently paired with upper eyelid surgery (upper blepharoplasty), though it is beneficial as a stand-alone procedure as well.

The outer one-third of the brow is often impacted more significantly by the aging process than the inner or central brows. The temporal brow lift can be a perfect approach in these cases, as it allows patients to avoid unnecessary incisions while still attaining their desired brow contours.

A temporal brow lift involves just two incisions. Both incisions are about one inch long, with one placed slightly above the temple on each side of the head.

Compared to a classic brow lift surgery, which requires a long incision that starts above one ear and continues up and around the hairline to the other ear, a temporal brow lift is much less invasive. The temporal brow lift can be completed in under an hour, making it a relatively quick procedure.

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Who Is a Candidate for a Temporal Brow Lift?

Patients whose outer brows have descended into a lower position with age can be good candidates for this procedure. Lifting the outer brows can often resolve upper eyelid hooding, so patients who want to restore a more refreshed eye appearance may be candidates for a temporal brow lift as well.

Candidates can also be patients without age-related concerns. Some patients undergo a temporal brow lift to achieve a specific brow shape that they find more aesthetic.

Candidates must understand the limitations of the temporal brow lift. While it is an incredibly efficient method of enhancing the brow contours, it does not address frown lines, forehead creases, or issues with the inner and central brows. An endoscopic brow lift or classic brow lift may be necessary for patients seeking improvements throughout the entire brow and forehead areas.

The patient’s general health can affect candidacy for this procedure. Elective surgery may not be safe for individuals with certain medical conditions. It is important to provide us with complete health information, so we can properly evaluate your candidacy for a temporal brow lift.

Procedure Details

What Happens During a Temporal Brow Lift Procedure

The patient will be put under the effect of anesthesia before the surgery starts. To begin the procedure, one incision near the temple area will be made on each side of the head. Based on the patient’s hairline and/or preference, the incisions can be positioned discreetly behind the hairline or at the hairline.

The underlying tissues can then be accessed and repositioned to recontour the outer brows. To complete the procedure, sutures will be used to close the incisions.

Procedure Details

How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Temporal Brow Lift?

Temporal brow lifts are associated with shorter recovery times than more extensive forehead lift techniques. Post-op swelling tends to be mild after a temporal brow lift. Minor bruising can also occur. These effects generally don’t persist beyond five to seven days.

Some patients experience hair loss or thinning at the incision sites after a brow lift. This is temporary in most instances, though hair regrowth may take several weeks.

Procedure Details

Temporal Brow Lift Results

You will notice a difference in the position of the outer brow immediately after your surgery. Changes will continue as swelling diminishes over the next several days.

The longevity of temporal brow lift results is typically shorter than with more invasive brow lift procedures. However, temporal brow lift outcomes are still considered long-lasting, as the enhanced brow shape can last for several years.

Over time, the aging process will affect the contours of the brow. Occasional non-surgical collagen-stimulating treatments and radiofrequency or ultrasound skin tightening can aid in extending your results. A clean, healthy diet and diligent sunscreen use can also support firm, youthful skin long-term.

Our Approach to the Temporal Brow Lift

We give precedence to the patient’s experience at every step of their treatment. From your initial consultation to your surgery and recovery, our team strives to provide the support, information, and personalized care you need to feel confident in your treatment plan and thrilled with your enhanced look.


Natural-looking Results

Our approach also prioritizes natural-looking results. The last thing a patient wants is for skin laxity and wrinkles in the lower face to negate the rejuvenating effect of their brow lift. To encourage a consistent look throughout the face, patients may be advised to combine a temporal brow lift with surgical procedures such as:


Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedures

In other instances, more youthful contours in the midface, lower face, and/or neck can be accomplished via non-surgical cosmetic procedures like:

How Much Does a Temporal Brow Lift Cost?

Temporal brow lifts vary in price as it relates to the total surgery time, surgical techniques required, and facility and anesthesia fees. Combining the procedure with an additional facial plastic surgery will also impact the overall cost.

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