Patient Stories

Justin is a younger male who takes great care of his skin by doing monthly facials and peels, along with lasers and microneedling every 3 months to keep his skin soft, tight, pore-free, and smooth of wrinkles and discoloration. He was interested in an all encompassing monthly treatment that would give his skin even more hydration, exfoliation and rejuvenation that previous treatments he has tried such as microdermabrasion and “spa” facials. He noticed more recently despite all his skin care maintenance that his pores were starting to become larger, his under-eye circles more prominent and dark, and overall he felt his skin texture more dull as compared to previous years.

He went to Dr. Emer for a full facial assessment to determine what simple, in-office facials could be useful to give his complexion a boost. Dr. Emer recommended The Salt Facial 3-step skin resurfacing treatment because in just a single treatment he would have a noticeable improvement that would revitalize his complexion, reduce his pores, and even out his skin tone. The Salt Facial system is designed to restore, replenish and rejuvenate the skin for immediate results. This treatment is especially useful for those who want a combination of treatments in one procedure with instant gratification.

The system uses micro-fine medical-grade sea salt to provide exfoliation through pressure rather than suction; this protects the skin’s surface from scrapes, burns, or blood vessel popping. Next, customized serums, antioxidants and growth factors are applied to the skin to focus on problem concerns such as dryness, fine lines/wrinkles, pigmentation, and sun damage. The hydrating actives are pushed into the skin through ultrasonic cavitation, which dilates the gaps between skin cells to get active products and medications into the surface skin cells and below to stimulate collagen. Lastly, customized LED light therapy helps to calm inflammation, treat acne, stimulate collagen and reverse sun damage. The 3-step combination treatment is safe on all skin types.

Justin was glowing and radiant immediately after treatment, preparing him for looking for future in-office laser and peel treatments and as well as his home skin care and weekly dermarolling. This treatment is especially effective prior to laser or peels to help the treatment perform even more strongly. This treatment is so effective yet so gentle it can be done every two weeks to keep your skin looking fantastic. See here how fantastic Just looks immediately after his treatment.