Surgical procedures of any kind can take a physical toll, and can also be taxing mentally and emotionally. Your body’s healing and recovery relies heavily on your immediate actions following your procedure. That’s why Dr. Jason Emer has coordinated extensive recovery services exclusively for his patient’s. These services are available for patient’s that live close to Dr. Emer’s primary office as well as to his many patients that travel from all over the world to have a procedure with him. With everything from Hyperbaric and Massage Therapy to Hormonal Optimization and IV Therapy, Dr. Emer wants to ensure his patients receive the best care from start to finish.

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Dr. Jason Emer has created a full circle approach when it comes to patient treatments. Whether you have had an 360 HD Liposuction treatment, breast augmentation, gynecomastia, or any number of procedures offered by Dr. Emer and his all-start team of plastic surgeons, your treatment doesn’t stop after you’ve had the surgery. Dr. Emer has created a comprehensive and extensive list recovery services for his patients. From luxury homes to rest and recover, to hormonal optimization, hyperbaric and massage therapy, Dr. Emer’s Surgical Aftercare Program is unlike any other. Contact us to learn more.



Hyper means increased, and baric refers to pressure. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) consists of breathing 100% oxygen under a higher atmospheric pressure than usual. This treatment is utilized to help several different conditions and illnesses. Our bodies tissue needs appropriate oxygen levels in order to heal properly. Learn More Pull Videos – see the formatting

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy delivers concentrated levels of oxygen to the tissues to help, decrease swelling and bruising, decrease inflammation and muscle fatigue, ⁣increase blood flow & circulation, ⁣improve oxygen levels to tissues for more quick healing and recovery and promote wound healing and decreased scar formation.

Hyperbaric chamber sessions are super beneficial after any surgical procedure to allow more oxygen into the body in order to expedite the healing process as well as reduce swelling.

One the most important treatments to help patients heal after surgery, decrease downtime after aggressive laser procedures, or improve overall wellness is hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a natural solution that aids the bodies healing process to ensure you are feeling your best faster.

IV Therapy


Whether you are looking for a boost in your immune system, an advantage at the gym, or just to maintain your optimal well-being, IV therapy can be uniquely useful in providing nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are so crucial for your health. When we consume vitamins and nutrients orally, only about half of their benefit is absorbed.

When the body takes in these compounds directly through the bloodstream, however, the effect is magnified and relief from cold symptoms, hangovers or jet lag is virtually instant. Our IV lounge is the perfect way to recharge and revitalize.


Dr. Emer and his staff are AMAZING. Dr. Emer created a specific treatment plan with me based on my personal needs and goals. What I love the most about the treatment plan is that it includes maintenance and aftercare products; which are absolutely necessary to keep the skin looking beautiful and healthy. I am completely satisfied with the work he’s done on my skin and look forward to my next appointment. – JS

Dr. Emer is an artist and a magician. I can’t recommend him enough. After literally years of research and careful consideration, I chose Dr. Emer to perform some subtle yet mind blowing cosmetic upgrades, and I couldn’t be more happy with the results – JB

If you’re looking for a Dr. that is highly skilled in aesthetics, confident/knowledge in his work, and also takes the time to listen to his clients aesthetic ideals, Dr. Emer is it! Feeling confident in your injector to deliver you the results you desire safely is invaluable. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with the product Bellafill that he has used to give me masculine and sculpted cheekbones and jaw definition. His staff is kind and professional and will make you feel comfortable. Check out his Instagram for examples of his art, you will be amazed. – CD

Surgery Aftercare


As a specialist in Age Management Medicine and Hormonal Optimization, I have made it my life’s work to help women (and men!) RECLAIM their sense of Self, JUICINESS, Edge, and Vitality. I help people fully realize, embrace, and CELEBRATE….


Lymphatic massage is a customized massage technique that assists with lymphatic drainage of fluids, gently pushing lymph fluid out through the lymph nodes, while removing any waste and toxins. This not only speeds recovery, but also improves the overall aesthetic result by decreasing the chance for lumps or scar tissue formation. It also can contribute to the tightening of the skin, to adapt to the shape of the face and body.

This treatment can also boost the immune system and improve blood circulation to completely optimize your results.⁣ Dr. Emer recommends 2-3 sessions to see the full effect of the lymphatic massage, and to additionally combine it with hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy, to help give fresh oxygen to the body and help improve healing and blood flow.


In addition to incredible post surgical and post procedural care Dr. Jason Emer also offers his patients the ability to acquire lodging and additional care to help provide and ensure a peaceful and relaxing recovery at the incredible after care penthouse in Venice and after care home in West Hollywood


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