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Dr. Jason Emer, longtime dermatologic surgeon to countless Hollywood stars — including Bella Thorne, Catherine Bell, Melissa Gorga, and Dancing with the Stars’ Sharna Burgess and Karina Smirnoff — took his talents to New York City in March and April as part of a limited-time cosmetic “pop-up” to treat his East Coast clientele. Renowned for his non-surgical, customized combination approaches, Dr. Emer performed some of his signature laser treatments, innovative acne scarring combinations, lip augmentations, customized peels and facials, microneedling treatments, and facial sculpting procedures with dermal fillers and Botox.

As part of an exclusive partnership, facial plastic surgeon Dr. Yael Halaas invited Dr. Jason Emer to her Midtown Manhattan practice to offer her patients a taste of Dr. Emer’s innovative, progressive, and transformative cosmetic treatments. Below are 6 of the top cosmetic treatments Dr. Emer performed in The City That Never Sleeps.

The Hollywood Facial: 3-Step Facial Rejuvenation

Creating a tailored combination treatment plan is the only way to ensure significant results that address each patient’s unique concerns and aesthetic goals. Dolores Catania, star of Real Housewives of New Jersey, was scheduled to attend several red carpet events and needed to revive her glow for the red carpet. As part of Dr. Emer’s 3-step Hollywood Facial treatment, aesthetician Raechel Lowe first used the hydrafacial device to cleanse, extract, and hydrate the skin and prepare it for laser treatment.

For the second phase of Dolores Catania’s Hollywood Facial treatment, Raechel used the painless, non-ablative Aerolase laser to decrease her skin’s oil production, diffuse redness, reduce pore size, eliminate pre-acne bacteria, and restore a balanced and even skin tone. Safe for all skin types, the Aerolase laser features longer wavelengths than other lasers, allowing it to penetrate deeper to the sebaceous glands in the dermis. Both an effective preventative measure and an ideal maintenance treatment, the Aerolase laser delivers heat to the collagen-rich layer of our skin, prompting new collagen production and resulting in improved elasticity, overall youthfulness, and a red carpet glow.

In addition to acne and skin rejuvenation, Dr. Emer also uses the Aerolase laser to address hyperpigmentation, capillary issues, spider veins, facial redness, rosacea, melasma, and scars.

As a finishing touch to Dolores Catania’s Hollywood Facial, Dr. Jason Emer performed the SaltFacial, a gentle, no-downtime treatment to exfoliate, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. In this 3-step SaltFacial process, Dr. Emer removes dead tissue through light exfoliation; replenishes the skin with advanced ultrasound energy technology and nourishing, nutrient-rich topicals; and then rejuvenates the skin with LED Light Therapy, which reduces redness, eliminates bacteria, and stimulates healing through decreased inflammation and collagen production.

The perfect treatment for anyone looking to keep their skin healthy, radiant, and red carpet ready, the SaltFacial can precede and/or follow laser and radiofrequency treatments to remove oil and debris and allow for deeper penetration of the energy. The SaltFacial is safe for all skin types and involves no downtime. Dr. Emer advises that his patients book a SaltFacial at least twice per month to maintain smooth, glowing skin.

Tight & Bright Combination Treatment

To treat this patient’s acne scars and textural issues, Dr. Emer performed his 3-step Tight & Bright Combination Treatment, beginning with Laser Genesis to improve facial redness, shrink pores, and reduce oiliness. In the second phase (above), Dr. Emer performs a deep microneedling radiofrequency treatment using InMode Fractora; with each pass over the skin, the deep microneedles (either 24- or 60-pinned) permeate the skin and send radiofrequency energy to the subdermal layers, which works to tighten the skin, stimulate collagen production, and improve the overall skin texture, including fine wrinkles, large pores, and scars.

The final phase of the Tight & Bright Combination Treatment involves a Clear + Brilliant skin resurfacing procedure. After reducing redness with Laser Genesis, and then tightening and balancing the skin with InMode Fractora microneedling RF, the Clear + Brilliant laser (or any skin resurfacing laser) helps to remodel the acne scars and resurface the skin texture and color by stimulating cellular turnover and generating fresh new skin cells, leaving the skin smooth, vibrant and youthful. Compared to resurfacing lasers like Fraxel or Erbium, Clear + Brilliant’s advantage is that it involves less downtime. However, for patients with acne scars, stronger, ablative resurfacing lasers like CO2, Halo, and ProFractional are best to obtain more significant textural remodeling.

Sculptra + Fractora for Skin Tightening

Dr. Emer injects Sculptra — a poly-L-lactic acid material that works to naturally stimulate collagen production in treated areas — into the various parts of the face, such as the lateral cheek, midface, temples, jawline, nasolabial folds, and chin (among others). Sculptra injections help to provide subtle lift and volume in areas where fine lines, wrinkles, folds, or hollows may be present. This added volume rejuvenates the look of the skin, giving it a “glow” and significantly reducing the signs of aging.

Following the Sculptra injections, Dr. Emer uses InMode Fractora, a microneedling radiofrequency device, to resurface the skin, prompt skin tightening, and improve the overall texture and tone. With each pulse, the pins deeply penetrate the layers of the skin and stimulate collagen production, providing volume and elasticity to the skin and resulting in a more youthful, tighter appearance.

To provide further skin tightening in the face, Dr. Emer combines Sculptra and Fractora with radiofrequency devices (such as Thermage, InMode FaceTite, Renuvion), ultrasound energy (Ultherapy), non-surgical thread lifting, and Hi-Definition Liposuction of the Face as needed.

Female Facial Sculpting with Dermal Fillers

The art of female facial sculpting involves creating subtle enhancements of the face to provide greater definition to your existing features and additional contouring to your overall appearance. Dr. Emer’s unique expertise is knowing where to use certain fillers, which combinations will be most effective, and how various parts of the face (upper face / under eyes, the midface / cheeks, and the jawline / chin) should be injected to give subtle and natural changes to these areas.

Female Facial Sculpting with Dermal Fillers

Each enhancement is customized to the individual’s signature facial features, to improve fine lines and folds, and to contour the face according to the patient’s aesthetic goals. For this female patient (videos above and below), Dr. Emer used a hyaluronic acid-based (HA-based) filler to soften the lines around the nasolabial folds and a more robust, calcium-based filler (Radiesse) to define her jawline, project the chin, elevate her cheekbones, and add volume to her temples, giving her the modelesque, youthful, and contoured facial profile that she was looking for.

In the first phase of a facial sculpting treatment — consisting of deeper, supportive, and anatomically focused injections — all areas of the face are addressed to give the most lift, structure, and definition.

Dr. Emer always addresses the mouth and lips as part of his facial sculpting and contouring treatments. The lip area is easily dehydrated and begins to lose structure, volume, and shape early in life. Employing a softer but long-lasting HA-based filler (such as Juvederm Volbella), Dr. Emer can give the lip a subtle volume enhancement, improve the overall lip shape, soften the fine lines around the mouth, and upturn the corners of the mouth.

lip volume enhancement

In the second phase of this female facial sculpting treatment, filler was injected into the lip belly, corners, and edges as well as the philtral columns and Cupid’s bow to meticulously soften her lips while also providing definition and enhancing the shape of her lips. The result is a soft, naturally plump and contoured appearance. When anything is being injected into the face (especially into the lips), it is critical that the injector behind the syringe is a board-certified dermatologist with ample experience in facial sculpting.

Male Facial Sculpting

Facial sculpting is not just for women; more men are seeking cosmetic improvements to enhance their appearance through non-surgical, low-downtime methods such as dermal fillers or injectables like Botox, Xeomin, or Dysport. Men age most rapidly under the eyes, in the cheek area, around the mouth, along the jawline, and in the temples; therefore, comprehensive male facial contouring involves treating under eye hollows and dark circles, midface / cheek sagging and volume loss, jawline and chin contouring and definition, and improvement of lines and folds around the mouth.

To augment the chin and jawline and create a chiseled, defined look, Dr. Emer uses thick, robust fillers like Juvederm Voluma or Restylane Defyne, which are both HA-based, reversible fillers; alternatively, a calcium-based filler like Radiesse or a semi-permanent filler like Bellafill can be used to provide long-term lift, shape, and volume. Micro-optimized doses of injectable fillers help to sculpt a more masculine, squared-off jawline and a bolder, wider, more prominent chin while maintaining a natural, enhanced look. Using a cannula to limit bruising and swelling, Dr. Emer then employs softer, more refined fillers like Juvederm Vollure or Volbella, Belotero, or Restylane Refyne to improve the lower cutaneous lip (chin crease), jowls, and folds around the mouth to give support to the chin, definition around the lips/mouth, and improve the nasolabial folds (or smile lines).

Both female and male facial sculpting require a mastery of and strategic placement of fillers, a depth of knowledge of facial anatomy, and a significant level of artistry. By addressing all areas of the face simultaneously — the cheeks, nose, lips, and under the eyes — Dr. Emer is able to achieve a balanced, youthful look.

Athletic or physically active individuals often develop hollowness in the temples over time, giving the face a thin, gaunt appearance and causing the eyebrows and upper face to sag at an earlier age. Using dermal fillers or Sculptra, Dr. Emer artfully restores volume to these areas of concern (including the forehead or scalp as needed), thereby enhancing the overall harmony of the face and giving you a healthier, more rested appearance. With an area like the temple — or around the eyes, where numerous blood vessels and nerves lie — it is critical that patients seek out an experienced and meticulous cosmetic dermatologist like Dr. Jason Emer. Only proper, strategic administration of dermal fillers can deliver the intended outcomes with minimal risk of complications.

Lip shaping and contouring is accomplished with HA-based fillers to prevent an unnatural or overdone look; if needed, HA-based filler injections can be easily reversed with hyaluronidase (an enzyme used to dissolve fillers). Men typically prefer a more pronounced, defined look as compared to a voluminous or excessive pout. This requires a highly skilled injector and a carefully crafted technique to create subtle, natural-looking changes.

All men are in need of lip hydration and shaping, though some (such as the patient above) also desire definition and plumping. In the third phase of this male facial sculpting treatment, Dr. Emer injects lip fillers to provide volume and definition and to shape the lip borders, resulting in a slightly plump lip with more pout in the center. By placing fillers in the Cupid’s bow and lip edge, Dr. Emer tweaks the contour of his lips without giving them a feminine look.

Non-Surgical Knee Wrinkle Treatment

Silhouette InstaLift is a treatment often used on the face to provide a visible, non-surgical lift to the mid-face, cheeks, and jowls. Designed to improve mild skin laxity, Silhouette InstaLift is a state-of-the-art suturing technique that provides immediate lifting, tightening, and natural-looking contours with minimal downtime, without any scarring, and without surgical intervention. Silhouette InstaLift’s dissolvable sutures latch onto and lift the skin in areas of mild sagging, tightening loose and crepey skin while also stimulating collagen production long-term.

After years of experience with thread lifting, Dr. Emer has discovered that this effective, non-surgical treatment can also work wonders for areas such as the buttocks, elbows, and knees. After the sutures are strategically inserted, Dr. Emer adjusts the skin to the desired elevation; the bi-directional cones in the threads then hold this position. Over time, these threads will dissolve and promote collagen production in the treated area, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and providing volume to keep the area lifted and youthful.

For further improvement in knee wrinkles and mild skin laxity, Dr. Emer combines thread lifting with energy devices like Thermage, InMode BodyTite, Morpheus8, and Renuvion, ultrasound energy (Ultherapy), and Sculptra.

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